Call Logic

The Next Revolution in Auto-Dialing

Call Logic has changed the game for the recruiting industry.

Can you imagine if current phones went back to rotary dial?  Think about how much time it would take to execute a call plan.  Just as modern phones increased our effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity on the phone, the next revolution is here:  Call Logic.  Simply load up a plan – whether that plan is 10 calls or 100 calls – and Call Logic takes it from there, auto-dialing from call to call and dropping in a perfectly recorded voicemail if the prospect does not answer.


This web-based tool is a game-changer for search firm owners and recruiters, and avid users of Call Logic in our industry cannot imagine going back to their old ways since they now experienced significantly decreased time between calls, they have eliminated wasted time leaving the same voice mail and over again, they minimize the call avoidance issues that recruiters face, it helps them ensure effective planning, and allows them to significantly increase efficiency and productivity.

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How it Works:

• Import the selected call plan in seconds

• Hit Start; if a live prospect answers, you will have a live conversation and then load the outcome of the call in the “Call to Action” activities

• If a voicemail is reached, you will instantly drop a pre-recorded, flawless voicemail and move on to the next call in a matter of seconds, not minutes

• Send emails directly from the dialing screen while on the phone with the contact or after leaving a voicemail

• Incoming calls are routed to your voicemail, allowing you to stay fully focused on outbound client and candidate development


How to Use:

• Structure a day with dedicated call times devoted to certain objectives.  Call Logic Block #1 could be to recruit on Search A, Call Logic Block #2 for Search B, Call Logic Block #3 for Client Development, and Call Block #4 for MPC’ing a candidate.  The phone can be used between call blocks as normal to return calls, execute one-off calls, etc.

• Drive a massive voicemail campaign after-hours in your market; Call Logic can be used until 9pm in the time zone you are calling.  Load up contacts after-hours and drop in a perfect voicemail that appears to have been left by the Owner or Recruiter; this plan can be executed by anyone, including a researcher/admin/intern, since a live call is not taking place and the voicemail has been recorded.


How to Sign Up:

Click here:  The cost for 1-2 users is $99 per user (code nlepartner1).  3 or more users is $89 for each (code nlepartner3), and organizations with 10 accounts get the 11th free and an additional free account for every additional set of five users.



We started with two licenses.  After one week, we bought two more and more will be following.  ALL new hires will be using Call Logic.  I was (and continue to be) shocked at the capabilities of this web based system for the cost.  I was expecting something that was a beta version for recruiters.  There is nothing beta about it!  This truly is a game changer.

Eric Armstrong, President: Novum Group, Inc.

As an Owner/Manager, I am so easily distracted by the day-to-day tasks of running a recruiting firm…payroll, benefits, people management, office tasks. As my team continued to grow, I was in need of a solution that could help me make the most of the limited time I have to be on the phone and be the Rainmaker for my team.  Call Logic was exactly that. I’m not wasting time dialing numbers, I’m not leaving voicemail after voicemail.  I didn’t think it was possible to double my call volume but with Call Logic, it is.  I’m confident I can now make the same amount of calls I used to as a Solo Producer, before I had an office and a team of 4.  


More call volume ultimately results in more revenue.  This tool will change the way the recruiting industry operates.  Call Logic is the solution to solving Recruiter ADD, increasing call volume & productivity and giving rookies a head start to a truly successful career out of the gate.” 

Deanna O’Connell, President: Red Kite Recruiting

DRI and DCA have been using Call Logic for 3 months. Simply put this product is a no brainer for any size search firm. Even the most experienced recruiters can benefit from Call Logic because it keeps you focused and on the phone where the money is made! There is no excuse not to try Call Logic as it is easy to use and integrates with your Applicant Tracking System. You will see results!

Dan Charney, President: Direct Recruiters, Inc. 

 Integrating Call Logic for business development and recruiting was meet with a significant degree of skepticism. There were concerns about using a recorded voice mail message, the lack of being able to personalize recordings, and how the recipient would receive the message. My only request to our team members is to put forth 100% effort and give it a try before rushing to judgement as to why it wouldn’t work. I am happy to say that 100% of my team members are all now Raving Fans of Call Logic and cannot live without it. Call numbers and conversations have increased dramatically and I am excited to see the ROI!

Scott Samuels, CEO: Horizon Hospitality 

 Before Call Logic, I already had a high performing team.  Now, we can accomplish so much more in so much less time.  Ours is an industry of high-volume voicemails as our target candidate market are very often in meetings, so getting to those we can get live is of the utmost importance.  Using Call Logic helps us do that.  On average, our staff who use Call Logic make 160 calls a day and have their phone time done in plenty of time to plan the next day’s call campaign.  The time it saves is overwhelming and it has made us 40% more efficient for sure.

Rae Ellen Douglas, Managing Director: Kaye/Bassman International