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With our staffing solutions, the consultant is paid real-time as the candidate is paid; no waiting for the client to pay first. Fee is 20% on the pay rate; no fee on bill rate or margins and no annual fee, startup fee or maintenance fee. Covers 100% of funding for a rolling 60 days, covers all burden, and all payroll processing.

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Stop and do the math of what your back-office funding provider is costing you.

Some firms have saved THOUSANDS A MONTH by taking less than five minutes to run the numbers; take a look at one simple example for a candidate out for six months:

Candidate Pay Rate: $100/hour
Candidate Bill Rate: $150/hour
*calculated at 40hrs/week for 6 months

30% of Pay Rate
you are paid: $20,800

30% of Bill Rate
you are paid: 




Our Solution:
Signature Back Office at 20% of Pay Rate you are paid: 

$31,200. You are paid over SIX TIMES what you would be paid by some firms!


NEVER pay on margins again; you are paying the funding entity MORE based on your ability to successfully negotiate with your client!  With Signature, you are paid immediately once the candidate starts employment and is paid – there is no waiting for the client to pay first.



  • No annual fee, startup fee or maintenance fee
  • Signature covers 100% of funding for a rolling 60 days, regardless of whether the client has paid or not; recruiters get paid FAST – no more waiting 2 to 3 months for the first check!
  • Signature covers all burden and all payroll processing
  • No contract term limit – 1 week, 1 month, 1 year is no problem!  Most firms require at least 4 to 6 months and anything shorter usually requires a premium to the fee/cost structure.
  • No temp to perm conversion fee or cost.   Often times a back office will charge a small percentage of the temp to perm conversion fee.
  • Web-based technology to manage the application/screening process for hiring new employees; Signature supports both English and Spanish back office enrollments
  • All new hire forms are filled out online and digital signatures are captured
  • Furnishing and maintaining state-of-the-art software for all back-office functions
  • Issuing paychecks directly to your field workers as well as your own full-time staff
  • Pricing includes all insurance coverages including workers’ comp, professional liability and fidelity bonding that covers acts of dishonesty including third-party coverage
  • Group benefits plans for both your full-time and field staff
  • Branding your invoices with your company brand, if desired
  • Back office services for 1099’s also available for a lower fee on pay rate
  • **Additional fees apply for per hour pay rates below $25


Nothing confusing. Clean and easy.

A fixed 20% of pay rate. End of story. No secrets or hidden math.

If you handle your funding in-house, calculate how much you would make with none of the risk. How much time is spent paying internally for timesheet collection, calculating pay and taxes, direct deposit, handling tax withholdings and filings, contract negotiations, workers’ compensation, unemployment, benefits administration, background checks, and more?

Many firms made the switch and were rewarded with LESS LIABILITY and MORE PROFIT.

20% of the candidate pay rate is LESS than anywhere you will find. Go compare what you are paying and reach out to us to see how easy it is to collect more on work you have already done. Anyone doing any contract and NOT using our NLE partner is losing THOUSANDS of dollars. Imagine paying 28% interest on a credit card when with one call you could pay 3% and get the same perks! Contact us through the button below for an introduction to our staffing partner.

Contact us through the button below for an introduction to our staffing partner.


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