Facilitated Foundation Training

High Touch Recruiting Training

fft-300x300Next Level Exchange is proud to offer Facilitated Foundation Training to our Next Level subscriber base who want high touch involvement from our team in the delivery of recruiter training to your team. This service is about providing you with a worry-free and largely hands-off approach to the training of your new hires on the principles of search.

Following a pre-determined schedule of daily videos, quizzes, collaborative questions, role playing, and script development that you are already familiar with in our Foundation Training, Next Level will actually facilitate the training of your new hire through daily recap sessions with the entirety of each class ensuring that your new hire has viewed the materials, has completed the required work and ensure concepts are understood. These calls will feature role-playing exercises, group accountability, and facilitated discussions to ensure students are absorbing and implementing what they have watched.



Each Facilitated Foundation Training class is six weeks in duration consisting of 4 days of class the first week of instruction. After the first week and for the remainder of the course there are two weekly sessions (on Tuesdays – Thursdays). The majority of the sessions are an hour in length.

2017 Facilitated Foundation Dates:

  • January 9th, 23rd
  • February 6th, 20th
Dates are subject to change – please call to confirm. Classes are limited in size. Must be a premium member of NLE in order to enroll a student in FFT class.

Program Cost

• $800/student: Course facilitation & workshop materials. No coaching from NLE outside of class.

• $1,300/student: Course facilitation & workshop materials. Direct feedback to student on daily homework assignments. No coaching from NLE outside of class.

• $1,650/student: Course facilitation & workshop materials. Direct feedback to student on daily homework assignments. Six (6) weekly 20-minute individual recap sessions with owner/manager for one-on-one feedback regarding the student in the program.

• $3,000/student: Course facilitation & workshop materials. Direct feedback to student on daily homework assignments. Unlimited individual recap sessions with owner/manager for one-on-one feedback and personalized coaching and consulting regarding the student in the program.

Disclaimer: If your new hire leaves within week one of class, Next Level will allow you to replace with someone else at no cost in a future class. If your new hire leaves in week two of class, Next Level will give you a credit towards replacing with someone else in future class.


“The training team and Next Level Exchange continue to meet and exceed our training needs. They do a fantastic job of covering real-world challenges our new recruiters are likely to face, and leave them feeling prepared and excited for the challenges they will inherit.”

Recruiting Manager
Horizon Hospitality


“The training was excellent. Even more impressive than the training, was the compassion and genuine care given to each student.”

Christian Burney, Executive VP /Managing Partner
Magee Resource Group


“We have had several new recruiters go through the FFT program. What I like most about the training is that it encourages our new employees to think for themselves. We have a fairly structured, well-established internal training, but we also strive to continually improve. Prior to doing the FFT training, we had our new hires watch the videos on NLE, but having a classroom setting to discuss the videos along with a professional facilitator to help guide the discussion, the learning experience is greatly improved. Each recruiter who has gone through the FFT training has brought new ideas to our company. It is an investment of both time and money to do the FFT training, but I feel it pays dividends in the long run.”

Mark Stocker, President


“The scripts that my recruiter was able to create during her training gave me a guideline for the rest of my team. These were very useful even for me (with 35 years of experience) as we tend to get stuck in what we say and sometimes could use a fresh perspective. I would definitely recommend this training to other firms and will continue to enroll my new employees as we expand.”

Janet vonKohn, President
VonKohn Search Group


“After completing the FFT program, my recruiter is off to a great start with 3 recent placements, a new retained CEO search, and another deal to close soon. This was all accomplished in her first 90 days.”

Brian Rhonemus, CEO
Rhonemus Group


“The Foundation training is unmatched in terms of information, delivery and individualization of the program. The trainers are world class and the commitment to the success of the people who participate is fantastic. They don’t just train, but really invest in your success.”

Peg Newman, Partner
Newman Group


“Our trainer took extra time into assuring our recruiters learned techniques to constantly be in the pursuit of their “next level”. NLE’s passion for teaching and training and the first class materials of this course have given our company new insights and many tools that we never had. It has introduced us to important concepts that we hadn’t thought of or focused on before. Everyone in our company has taken the course and all have said it is like drinking from a fire hose. But when finished, we are better for it. We are taking baby steps to implement the FFT materials and use the NLE resources to help us make the changes that will make our company better.”

Dave Allen, President

“This program allows me to hire new recruiters (with or without experience) and get them up and running quickly! I enrolled 2 new recruiters in this program and on their second day I had to leave for 6 weeks due to a family illness. This program got them off to a GREAT start and when I returned they were recruiting like pros! This program is BEST in the business!”

Tricia Mountain, CEO
Rowland Mountain Associates

“I love the amount of feedback given on homework! It really provides further support for the training managers, and also provides an opinion from outside the firm. I think this helps in showing new trainees that there really isn’t a black and white way to recruiting.”

Senior Manager
The Birmingham Group

“My new recruiter came out of the gate swinging and made two placements in her first 45 days. Excellent training!”

Juli Smith, President
Smith Consulting Group

“We love this program for our new recruiters. Great coaching and feedback from the trainers as well!”

Senior Manager
Horizon Hospitality

“NLE training is a great way to start new or experienced recruiters. We definitely will continue to use this tool as we hire additional staff.”

Dave Mount
OneSource Professional Search

“The trainers, are first rate. They give very good constructive feedback on the students’ homework and give me very good feedback and suggestions in how to overcome any shortcomings they may have to become successful in this industry.”

Bob Hadick, President
Russ Hadick & Associates, Inc

“We chose Facilitated Foundation Training Program for 2 new Search Consultants on my team at Parkwood and it was exactly what they needed. They learned exponentially but were pressured every day to keep up with the program. This offered them the simulation of the emotions on the desk. They came out guns a blazing and each acquired 3 clients within 2 weeks of completions.”

Senior Manager
Parkwood International

“The Facilitated Foundation Training Program provides us with a competitive edge when recruiting new talent into our firm. Prospective new employees love knowing that they will be part of a nationwide training program which teaches them the fundamentals of our business. In addition, our management team benefits because they are freed up to focus on the more company specific or industry specific components of the new hire training, leaving the fundamentals to the FFT team.”

David Hayes, President

“Since we are able to offer this training, it helps us differentiate our firm from others. We invest in our new hires right out of the gate. It surprises candidates that we have a training program like this being a young firm.”

Wes Washington, Managing Director
Boaz Partners

“NLE’s FFT training program is truly top notch- I use it to train all my new hires on search methodology, allowing an easy handoff back to me for niche-specific training.”

Jordan Rayboy, President & CEO
Rayboy Insider Search


“The Facilitated Foundation Training program works well for our firms training objectives for our recruiters. We find the program provides our new recruiters the fundamental blocking and tackling foundation to begin their recruiting careers. We have also found it a good refresher of fundamentals for experienced recruiters.”

Jim Chadbourne
Global Executive Solutions Group

After a few conversations and research, we decided to enroll 3 of our new hires into the NLE program.  From the very start, it was obvious that the program would not only complement our in-house training but more importantly, it challenged us to re-think some areas of our training program altogether.  The style, accountability, and timely feedback of the trainer to both our enrolled students and their respective managers was clearly effective and appreciated.  Certainly, the NLE organization understand the value of building an organization with top talented individuals as exemplified by the experience of the trainers conducting this course.  We will continue to partner with NLE and would recommend them without hesitation.

On a final note, I would want to share that we are very selective when considering any business partnership.   We have a given set of criteria that we measure against to ensure we are working only with companies that are the “best in class” in their respective businesses and that their values and goals closely align with ours.  I will have to say that our experience thus far with NLE has certainly met those expectations.

Jim Zasowski, Founder & President
Z1 Solutions

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement for our recruiters in the program. I know that it means a lot to them to have you “in their corner” consistently throughout the training.

Jay Boone, CPC, Partner/Manager
Thinking Ahead

Time and money very well spent. To have world class training, systemically and strategically covered by others really helps to free up more time. As a producing manager, that aspect is worth its weight in gold. We’ve found that folks that come through the program also have a much more sound understanding of the entire search process. That knowledge, along with the positive pressure provided by the foundation trainers, really helps to generate the “take it to the phones attitude” right out of the chute. Thank you for putting this together!

Matt Lewis, Partner

I found the Facilitated Foundation Training Program to exceed my expectations. In the past, I conducted the training program for my new hires, but not being a professional trainer, I was less than satisfied with my efforts. I am now a believer in this program and will be using it for all future hires. Great content, with great feedback to the student as well as the manager.

Gerry Cromwell, President
The Cromwell Group, Inc.

I found this to be an excellent “foundation” course and it’s just that – a foundation. Of course, all firms have best practices that work specifically for their industry or niche, but the course is well-rounded and covers all the basics of recruiting. We have continually used individual NLE courses as part of our ongoing training, even for seasoned recruiters. The trainers are excellent trainer and we appreciated the constant feedback and observations to our recruiters in training. Thank you!”

Andrea Asbell, Vice President
Bloomfield & Company

The Facilitated Foundation Training is awesome. It frees up my time to focus on building the business, yet we could trust our new hires are held accountable. Many thanks!

Brian Haugh, Recruiting Manager
Chicago Search Group

We’ve used the Facilitated foundation training program for our last few hires and it is an immensely helpful tool, particularly the work done on developing scripts and role playing case critical scenarios.

Betsy Elliott, President

I was an ‘early adopter’ of the Next Level Exchange training and have been a huge fan from the beginning! I love the Foundation Training program – and having it facilitated really brought it to another level of impact. It made the content ‘come alive’ in a way reading and watching alone hadn’t done! Loved it – I’d recommend it to everyone, new or not, as a way to really develop as a professional.

Peg Newman, Managing Partner
Sanford Rose Associates – Salt Lake City

The trainers of Facilitated Foundation are very attentive and service driven individual. Combine that with their knowledge of the recruiting space, passion for training, and resources of NLE and you have a program that provides first rate service and results.

Doug McClure, Director of Recruiting Services
The Encompass Group


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