Owner Boot Camp

A Blueprint to Grow Your Firm

Delivered by the Next Level Exchange Team in partnership with Kaye Bassman International

owner-boot-camp-300x300Think of the firm you want to have built three years from now; you will likely give a quick answer that is a combination of revenue and the size of your future team.  The good news is that you’ve got a vision for your business, which is very exciting!

Now, think about how you are going to build that business.  The challenge?  You have spent your career becoming an expert in how to be a brilliant recruiter.  You are an expert in the search business, but not in the growing-a-search-firm business.  Before you invest additional time, money and resources teaching yourself as you go, would it make sense to first consult with an architect and builder that specializes in building and growing search firms?

Our boot camp provides even the most tenured owners with an effective blueprint to help you grow the firm you desire, avoid costly mistakes made by most owners, and set up an effective hiring, training, performance management, and marketing communications best practices for long-term sustainability.

Ever held on to a new hire longer than you should have, and regretted that decision once they ultimately failed?  The cost of this program is less than you spent on that hire that failed.  If you are willing to invest in your firm, Next Level provides a Boot Camp unlike any other that exists.  Don’t reinvent the wheel – be exposed to the blueprints that created the largest single-site search firm in North America, and from the team who has trained over 2,000 search firms in over 30 countries around the world.

Delivered at the time and frequency of your choice, each of our consulting sessions covers a specific piece of the infrastructure of a sustainable and profitable search firm.  The schedule and agenda can be modified based on individual needs and expectations.  This is condensed version of the NLE Virtual Owners Forum and that modification is reflected in the documents received as well as both the time and financial investment required.


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Schedule Example:

• Consulting Call #1 (approx. 90 mins): After studying your current search firm model and structure, this call with Jeff Kaye will consult on potential changes needed for the future to include roles, compensation plans, and career paths designed to help you create the foundation and framework for the future firm you desire to build.

• Consulting Call #2 (approx. 90 mins): A successful hiring strategy is critical to growth, and this call with Karen Schmidt will cover both effective and creative hiring programs designed to attract both new and existing recruiters to your firm. Effective performance management is essential in order to ramp those new hires up quickly and ensure constant and continuous growth, which will also be covered on this call.

• Consulting Call #3 (approx. 90 mins): Training is not just for new hires; a successful search firm should have a true university for recruiters that teaches the fundamentals, then advanced curriculum, then how to build and lead a team if desired. Erin Bent will help craft a true Recruiter University for every recruiter within your firm, regardless of tenure. 

• Consulting Call #4 (approx. 90 mins): Nicholas Turner will provide options for compensation plans for project staff, full desk, and leadership roles as well as will best practices for expense management and allocation, financial tracking, and mistakes to avoid. 

• Consulting Call #5 (approx. 60 mins): Darren McDougal is an expert on Marketing Communications within the search industry and will cover all relevant aspects of marketing and communications for your firm, providing suggestions based research on areas such as the effectiveness of your SEO, website, inbound marketing, lead generation strategy, email automation, and social media to name a few.

• Consulting Call #6 (approx. 30 mins): Final call with Jeff Kaye to address additional questions, assess supplementary areas of support, and conclude the Boot Camp Series.

Documents received include extensive compensation plans, as well as numerous forms, programs and procedures related to hiring, training, and performance management.

Investment: $7,500 



Biographies of Your Facilitators


Jeff Kaye – Partner, Co-Chief Executive Officer

Jeff is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Kaye/Bassman International and Next Level Exchange and Co-Managing Director of Sanford Rose Associates®. Jeff has helped Kaye/Bassman-Sanford Rose Associates grow into the 10th largest search firm in the Americas and Next Level into the world’s largest training firm exclusive to the recruiting industry with over 2,000 clients in 30 countries. His organization has won national awards for philanthropy and workplace flexibility, and has been named the #1 “Best Company to Work for in Texas” four consecutive years.

During his 25 year tenure in the industry, he was named one of the most influential leaders in the staffing industry as well as awarded the 2013 Knutson Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in Recruiting   He is considered an industry expert having appeared on CNN, FOX, Bloomberg, and NBC; and is quoted regularly in publications including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Time, and Fortune. Jeff is also a frequent speaker within the staffing and human resources community and been featured in dozens of international training meetings and videos. He lives in Dallas with his wife, Tracy, and their three children.


Nick Turner – Managing Partner, Co-Chief Executive Officer

Nick Turner – Partner, Co-Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas L. Turner (Nick) is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Kaye/Bassman International and Next Level Exchange and Co-Managing Director of Sanford Rose Associates. Post degree, Nick spent several years working in the financial industry, and has spent upwards of 16 years since in the executive search industry. Nick’s primary role for all three organizations is the management of all operations, technology, legal and financial matters. He insures accurate and effective utilization of key functions and services throughout the continuance of business activity, overall operations for the network and corporate operations. 

Nick holds the responsibility for the creation, design, application and integration of new and existing programs and services, information technology infrastructure and global operations. He serves his Next Level clients with guidance related to business modeling, strategic expansions, operational infrastructure, and financial consulting. Nick earned a Bachelors in Business Administration majoring in: Finance, Real Estate with an emphasis in Accounting and Economics from Baylor University. He has been published and quoted in numerous business publications to include the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Dallas Morning News, CNN, CNBC, and Fox Business. Nick resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife Lauren and three boys Holden, Sutton and Corbin and daughter Layton.



Karen Schmidt – Managing Partner

Karen Schmidt is a Managing Partner with Kaye/Bassman International and oversees all training initiatives and ongoing career development organizationally. On behalf of Next Level Exchange and Sanford Rose Associates, Karen is a frequent consultant to search firm owners who have a greater vision of growth, hiring, and training. She also serves as the Director of the Kaye/Bassman Foundation, responsible for all fundraising efforts supporting MDA and City House. Since inception, the Foundation has donated over $1,400,000 to these deserving charities.

When joining Kaye/Bassman in 2001, Karen specialized in the search and recruitment of professionals for clients in the Commercial Construction, Specialty Contractors, and Real Estate Development markets. She finished in the top five project staff in 2004 and 2005, achieved the distinction of becoming a Pacesetter within the company, and reached a personal production of over $1,000,000 before transitioning into a leadership role. In 2006, Karen pioneered the redevelopment of KBIC’s corporate training program and subsequently created the Next Level Foundation Program compiling best practices from industry trainers and big billers from around the globe. Past speaking credits include The Fordyce Forum, the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), the Texas Association of Personnel Consultants (TAPC) Texas Tour, the Mid Atlantic Association of Personnel Consultants, and the North Carolina Association of Staffing Professionals.

Karen graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a degree in General Business. In 2010, Karen was recognized by the Dallas Business Journal’s “40 Under Forty,” a list of rising young leaders in the Dallas area.



Erin Bent – Partner, Senior Director of Training

As Senior Director of Training and Development, Erin leads new recruiter training for Kaye/Bassman International as well as Facilitated Foundation Training for Next Level Exchange and Sanford Rose Associates.  Erin began her career in search as a recruiter in the Consumer Products industry and served her clients and candidates for well over a decade before transitioning to a leadership role within the organization. Erin’s experience in search created a natural pathway for her to mentor and train new recruiters entering the industry, as well as tenured recruiters desirous of elevating their competencies and capabilities. Due to Erin’s depth of experience, search firm owners rely heavily on her insights and guidance as they onboard and grow the next generation of leaders within their firms. Erin brings with her not just her own best practices from running a successful search practice, but the best practices gathered from coaching and consulting recruiters and owners around the globe.



Darren McDougal – Managing Partner, Marketing Communications

Darren McDougal is a Managing Partner and directs the marketing communications and branding initiatives for Kaye/Bassman International, Next Level Exchange and the Sanford Rose Associates network of offices. With over two decades of media, marketing and communications experience, Darren’s responsibility includes consultation, advisory and the overall direction of the marketing of the firm’s products and services. He joined Kaye/Bassman in 2006, named Managing Partner in 2007, and developed the content delivery and monetization platform for the Next Level Exchange organization in 2008. His team creates and delivered the digital marketing solutions including brand, web, inbound and outbound programs.

In 1999, Darren created ElectroMail, an enterprise-grade video communications platform, which enables businesses to accelerate the sales cycle and marketing initiatives through high-touch video communications and interactive. With a diverse creative background ranging from album music production, radio and television broadcasting, to web development with rich media integration, Darren has created and delivered innovative communications solutions which have been featured in The Dallas Morning News, NBC, Adweek, B2B Magazine, Incentive Magazine and Odwyers PR Daily.