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With our staffing solutions, the consultant is paid real-time as the candidate is paid; no waiting for the client to pay first. Fee is 20% on the pay rate; no fee on bill rate or margins and no annual fee, startup fee or maintenance fee. Covers 100% of funding for a rolling 60 days, covers all burden, and all payroll processing.

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What we provide:

• A simple fixed payroll-based markup pricing for your back office.  No cheating you out of high markups by charging you a percentage of your billings; rates are charged on pay rate NOT bill rate! Professional and Clerical Staffing at a Flat 20% Markup!

You are paid real-time as the candidate is paid, regardless of whether the client paid or not!

• No annual fee, startup fee or maintenance fee

• Web-based technology to manage the application/screening process for hiring new employees. Signature supports both English and Spanish back office enrollments.

• All new hire forms are filled out online and digital signatures are captured.

• Furnishing and maintaining state-of-the-art software for all back-office functions.

• Issuing paychecks directly to your field workers as well as your own full-time staff.

• Financing your payroll.

• Invoicing your clients.

• Pricing includes all insurance coverages including workers’ comp, professional liability and fidelity bonding that covers acts of dishonesty including third-party coverage.  

• Group benefits plans for both your full-time and field staff.

• And even local marketing support to help you focus your marketing efforts.

• Branding your invoices with your company brand, if desired.


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