Client – Components of Relocation

  As your recruiter, we will walk through each step of this with both you and a prospective hire, but this video can be shared with others on the team involved in the hiring process so they also understand the granular details of relocation. This relocation video message is exclusively designed for use by recruiting […]

Client – Successful Candidate Onboarding

  To secure and retain top talent in your organization, review these specific tips for successful candidate onboarding. This Successful Candidate Onboarding Message is exclusively designed for use by recruiting organizations who are members of the Next Level Exchange. NLE’s mission is to elevate the competencies and capabilities of recruitment professionals and as a result […]

Want To Be a Recruiter?

  Interested in a career in recruiting? This 12-minute video will help to ensure you have an understanding of the commitment, hard work and conation needed to succeed in recruiting. No matter your background, how many years of experience you have, or the previous position you held, it is your work ethic, behavioral traits and attitude […]