Streaming video - 23 minutes

Many times when we think of a balanced search practice, we think of making the right number of recruiting and marketing calls. We need to find the time to plan and the time to execute. We need to make sure we have some time carved out for learning and some for researching. We need to make sure we are in the market on the phone, but also using technology effectively. These are all true, but possibly the key to a balanced search practice is actually first establishing a balanced life, and as a result the balanced practice becomes a natural outcome.

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Post Placement by Karen Schmidt

Streaming video – 12 minutes Congratulations on making a masterful match – now leverage that match to secure many more to come! Creating a “culture of retention” and an effective onboarding process is a journey, not a destination; these are but a few of the best practices that we can share with you to share […]

Selling Retainers by Scott Love

Streaming video – 5 minutes As a professional speaker and trainer, Scott Love shortens the learning curve of new recruiters and sales people, and helps experienced ones break through their barriers to reach their full potential. Scott is president of the Attorney Search Group, a member of the Sanford Rose Associates network of offices, where […]

A Recruiter’s Value Proposition by Jeff Kaye

Streaming video – 14 minutes As search professionals, at times, we take for granted the reasons we are hired by clients. Sometimes we begin to believe that we are used simply to identify candidates/resumes and present them to our clients and then hold our breath and hope they are hired. Think for a minute about […]

Mark Murphy – The Priority Matrix

Streaming video – 13 minutes In this NLE Quick Tip, we’ll focus on finding a balance between the art of effectiveness and the science of efficiency. Making time for the things we really should do, and not just taking time for the things we feel like we have to. It’s all about prioritizing with purpose […]

Phone PLUS Email by Erin Bent

Streaming video – 17 minutes Phone vs. Email: Do they really have to be competing? In today’s world of technology, a lot of the challenge is knowing the timing of when to execute one over the other. Open your mind, suspend your preconceived notion and see how together and separately they can both be a valued […]