Alternative Fee Agreements by Jeff Kaye

Streaming video – 10 minutes There are times when a financially committed/retained search is the best option, and there are times when contingency recruiting is the appropriate approach. Certainly, the urgency and critical nature of the position are factors. Accountability, access, and search status are all variables as well. There are times, though, when neither […]

Behavioral Based Interviewing by Christine Geiger

Streaming video – 14 minutes Before the interview, you’ll want to coach your candidates on crafting examples with positive outcomes. He/she must go into the interview armed with success stories. Additionally, the interviewee should be prepared to relate a potentially negative experience and he turned things around. The key is to demonstrate unique qualities and […]

Three Types of Retainers by Scott Love

Streaming video – 13 minutes Scott Love is the President of The Attorney Search Group and a member of the Sanford Rose Associates network of offices. His office is a boutique legal search consultancy with a focus in placing attorney partners in the greater Washington, DC, and New York City areas. Since 1995, Scott has […]

MPC Approach by Karen Schmidt

Streaming video – 13 minutes Karen takes an in-depth look at one of the most common types of client development approaches, yet also at times one of the most controversial, which is the Most Placeable Candidate approach – or the MPC. More than likely you know of this approach – sharing a potential individual to […]

Building Relationships by Mark Murphy

Streaming video – 12 minutes Instilling trust and effective communication in building relationships is key with clients, candidates, customers and anyone else. Trust (or lack of trust) can be visualized on a continuum. There are positive things we do that build and increase trust. There are also negative things we do that erode or diminish […]

Attitude of Gratitude by Karen Schmidt

Streaming video – 10 minutes You have likely heard the cliché that life is a journey, not a destination, but how do we remember that in the busyness of life? How can we de-clutter and enjoy the moments instead of waiting for a magical “next chapter” to arrive? What do you say “yes” to that […]