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Attracting Tenured Recruiters

About this Session Attracting tenured recruiters including: A methodology and approach to attracting solo recruiters to join your firm Exact language from our legal agreements in order to be effective at doing for our own firm what it is we do so well for our clients A roadmap for recruiting existing, tenured talented individuals and giving […]

Numbers, Ratios, and Statistics

About this Session Numbers, Ratios, and Statistics – essential numbers for individual, organizational, and sustainable success, including: What are the most critical metrics to measure Adjustments based on industry, tenure, and personal earning objectives How to course correct struggling individuals, beyond advising “just work harder” Provide a specific roadmap for those consistently falling short of […]

Hiring Best Practices

About this Session Hiring Best Practices – how to create an effective hiring plan, including: How to know if it’s the right time to hire What role is best for you to hire, based on your existing team and structure What financial considerations are associated with hiring and effective compensation plans Sourcing options to find […]

Compensation and Equity

About this Session Compensation and Equity: Programs Designed to Attract, Develop, and Retain Big Billers, including: A successful model to attract quality talent, including high performing producers in our industry Compensate producers fairly to ensure their long-term retention (overview of several compensation plans) How to create a model that allows each associate to create the […]

Alternative Fee Agreements

About this Session Alternative Fee Agreements: Avoid a Myopic Perspective, including: Contractual options for a client who does not have authorization to use retained search, but does have budgetary discretion for consulting firms or market research firms A solution for client organizations who are struggling and not yet able to hire – but need intelligent […]

Time and Attention Management

About this Session Time and Attention Management, including: A unique system specifically designed for recruiters to collect, prioritize, and manage the endless number of daily activities that exist How to identify the top billing time robbers that take you away from maximum production How to balance the dynamic of being a producing manager, and how […]