Next Level Coaching and Consulting

Delivered by Greg Doersching, President of Next Level Coaching

What do search firm owners really want in a coaching program?

  • You have a real problem and you want a real answer.
  • You want access when you need it, not when it’s pre-scheduled for a group setting.
  • You want to pick the topics of discussion.
  • You don’t want “pre-packaged” material, but something unique to your organization and needs.
  • You want solutions that are complete in their delivery, not just theory (you want forms, language and processes).
  • You want implementation follow-through help with solutions.
  • You want experts to solve an issue and answers from people you trust.

For those who fit the bullets above, our Coaching and Consulting program with Greg Doersching is your solution.  Some quick stats on Greg:

  • Greg has been in recruiting over 25 years.
  • Greg’s consulting experience ranges from solo practitioners to working with one of the Top 10 Staffing Firms in the country (Elwood Staffing, consulting with them for a total of 5 years creating their professional division)
  • Greg does what it takes to support his clients; he started coaching Accrue Partners in 2006 and helped build them from 6 individuals to over $35 million in sales with over 80 employees.  Greg visits their office once a month to continue to work with their team.
  • Greg has consulted with multiple Pinnacle Member firms and has most likely been the one person inside more recruiting firms than any other industry trainer.

Examples of topics that can be discussed:

  • Expanding your client base
  • Raising fees on existing clients
  • Expanding into a new niche
  • Finding good hires (how to tell if someone can be a good recruiter)
  • Hiring the people you find – Compensation, Bonus, Environment
  • Training the people you hire – how, what, how long does it take?
  • Managing the people you hire
  • Expectations, monitoring, motivation, and ontinuing education
  • Keeping top producers from becoming competition
  • Turning rainmakers into managers: should you?  Why or why not?
  • How big do you want to be?
  • What are the PIP’s that actually work?
  • Evaluating your employees – how to look at the numbers, looking beyond the numbers
  • Getting bigger without adding headcount as the solution
  • When is it time to add people and what does that look like
  • What do I want to emphasize vs what’s trivia?
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Next Level Owner Boot Camp

Delivered by the Next Level Exchange Team in partnership with Kaye Bassman International

Delivered at the time and frequency of your choice, each of our seven one-on-one consulting sessions covers a specific piece of the infrastructure of a sustainable and profitable search firm.  The sessions are conducted by each member of our senior leadership team including Jeff Kaye, Karen Schmidt, Erin Bent, Nick Turner, Greg Doersching and Darren McDougal.  The schedule and agenda can be modified based on individual needs and expectations.  This is condensed version of the NLE Virtual Owners Forum and that modification is reflected in the documents received as well as both the time and financial investment required.

Think of the firm you want to have built three years from now; you will likely give a quick answer that is a combination of revenue and the size of your future team.  The good news is that you’ve got a vision for your business, which is very exciting!

Now, think about how you are going to build that business.  The challenge?  You have spent your career becoming an expert in how to be a brilliant recruiter.  You are an expert in the search business, but not in the growing-a-search-firm business.  Before you invest additional time, money and resources teaching yourself as you go, would it make sense to first consult with an architect and builder that specializes in building and growing search firms?

Our boot camp provides even the most tenured owners with an effective blueprint to help you grow the firm you desire, avoid costly mistakes made by most owners, and set up an effective hiring, training, performance management, and marketing communications best practices for long-term sustainability.

Ever held on to a new hire longer than you should have, and regretted that decision once they ultimately failed?  The cost of this program is less than you spent on that hire that failed.  If you are willing to invest in your firm, Next Level provides a Boot Camp unlike any other that exists.  Don’t reinvent the wheel – be exposed to the blueprints that created the largest single-site search firm in North America, and from the team who has trained over 2,000 search firms in over 30 countries around the world.

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