Guide for In-Depth Client Development

For anyone needing to revitalize the current methods of client development, we would suggest this plan.  Curriculum utilizes both episodes that are marketing oriented, as well as capitalizing on the Script/Document Library on the Next Level Exchange.  This 12-meeting suggested syllabus can be implemented as frequently as you’d like – we would suggest one meeting per week for three months.

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Meeting 1

NLE TV Episode:  “Marketing for Results”
Presenter:  Craig Silverman, Vice President of Albin Engineering
Episode Run Time:  35 minutes

Summary:  Craig Silverman recently joined Albin Engineering, an innovative technology services and staffing solutions provider, in Santa Clara, CA as Partner and Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Prior to joining Albin Engineering, Craig was the EVP, Sales & Marketing for from where he built a new model for the recruiting industry by banding together a social network of independent recruiters and staffing agencies.  This episode will show you the spectrum of marketing best-practices, ideas and online solutions to build your brand and better market you and your business.  Topics include using Google, Blogs, your website, PR, social media and much more.

Possible Homework:  Of the approaches that Craig has covered thus far, allow each individual to select the ONE specific approach that they are passionate about implementing.  Follow up at next week’s meeting and discuss successes and hold others accountable!

Meeting 2

NLE TV Episode:  “Marketing for Results”
Episode Run Time:   16 minutes

Summary:  Above

Possible Homework:  Now that you are familiar with the possible marketing outreach opportunity, this is a great time to implement a consistent “Marketing Touch Plan” for your year.  Your marketing outreach should not be limited to only a phone call once every few months, but staying in front of your audience through newsletters, participating in industry associations, and penning articles in trade publications.  After this meeting, have everyone on your team log on to the Next Level Exchange and click on the NLE Library.  Under “Types of Marketing”, have each person spend time on the “Branding and Advertising” section of the Library.  Each person must come prepared to next week’s meeting with their own version of their Annual Marketing Strategy and the group can discuss and troubleshoot different branding and outreach efforts.

Meeting 3

NLE TV Episode:  “Six Sigma Selling”
Presenter:  Margaret Graziano, Owner of KeenHire, Inc.
Episode Run Time:   32 minutes

Summary:  Margaret has worked in the recruiting industry since 1983, and has been using pre-employment assessments and behavioural based interviewing since 1999.  Her specialty is in coaching and training recruiting and HR professionals, as well as corporate hiring managers, on bridging the gap between recruitment and retention. She has mastered the benchmarking process, applied these skills to the candidate selection process, and created systems and processes that focus on choosing the right hire.  In this session, you will learn about creating exponential sales opportunities, leveraging the workforce labour shortage, how to differentiate yourself, strategic partnering and much more.

Possible Homework:  The 30 second commercial is the introduction you use, succinct and concise, that creates interest and response from your audience.  Most people are familiar with the concept, and may even think that they have a good commercial, but when you dig down, they leave much to be desired.  Conceptually, pretend that you are in a room full of recruiters.  Every recruiter is going after the same client in the room.  What are you going to say to stand out in the crowd, be memorable, and leave them no option than to work with you?  Create your marketing commercial using some of the suggestions from Margaret’s episode.


Meeting 4

NLE TV Episode:  “Six Sigma Selling”
Episode Run Time:   19 minutes

Summary:  Above

Possible Homework:  Since we’ve now read aloud and fine-tuned how we present our search process in a way that is different from our competitors, revise your scripts and use this week.  Remember to continually be able to define how you screen, how you short list, how you reference check, and what value that provides above and beyond that of other recruiters.


Meeting 5

Presenter: Neil Lebovits, President and Founder of The Dynamic Sale
Episode Run Time:  29 minutes (Part 1)
Summary:  Neil shares the secrets & systems that he has developed and harnessed while working himself up over his 20+ years in the industry.  Neil discusses how “Perm Fee Negotiations” is a comprehensive methodology more than an isolated closing technique.  He’ll cover the how you can never be overpriced with contingent agreements, negotiations 101, and the business decision steps to a close.
Possible Homework: Create several specific scripts that help you navigate through the four scenarios above, and any others that you encounter on a frequent basis. Carefully think through your responses, then practice your delivery; start securing those fee agreements and new client relationships!

Meeting 6

Episode Run Time:  20 minutes (Part 2)
Summary:  Above
Possible Homework: In Neil’s session, he shares one of the key points in any negotiation: “If I receive a demand or request, I should always ask for something equal and appropriate in return. Take the list that was started in this session and add to it, and then create a document with Mutual Expectations that can be sent to both a candidate and a client to ensure a truly collaborate partnership with your marketplace!

Meeting 7

NLE TV Episode:  “Big Biller Secrets”
Presenters:  Mike Kittelson, Managing Director at Kaye/Bassman International Corporation
Episode Run Time:   35 minutes

Summary:  Mike Kittelson joined Kaye/Bassman in 1995 and serves the construction and development industries. His lifetime cash-in is over $18 million and his best year’s cash-in was over $2 million.  Mike, along with his team, has successfully completed over 700 searches ranging from field personnel to executive level. He was ranked #1 in the country in 1999 and 2000 and has been ranked among the top ten nationally among a network of 5,000 executive recruiters.  He boasts long-term staffing partnerships as evidenced by completing over 185 searches for one prestigious client organization.

Possible Homework:  Market Mastery is a concept that nearly every Big Biller references as a key to their success.  For homework, the group can log on to the Next Level Exchange and click on the NLE Library.  Under “Approaches to Marketing”, have each person spend time on the “Market Mastery” section of the Library.  Have each person come prepared to the next meeting with at least two new Market Mastery scripts, a new voicemail using a Market Mastery script, and a follow-up email template to be used when Market Master Marketing.


Meeting 8

NLE TV Episode:  “Rainmaking”
Presenter:  Scott Love, Owner of Scott Love Associates
Episode Run Time:   33 minutes

Summary:  Bankers do it.  Lawyers do it.  Even accountants do it.  But recruiters don’t.  The concept of rainmaking is the most effective form of business development, but it has never been taught to our industry, until now.  In this content-rich session from industry expert and trainer Scott Love, recruiters in your office will learn how to become the first recruiter considered for assignments and easily build solid relationships with high-level prospects.

Possible Homework:  Make a list of five trade publications, national trade associations, or regional trade associations that you want to reach out to.  Make a list of your national trade associations and regional trade associations.  By next week’s meeting, reach out to those five and be prepared to share your results, learning experiences, and takeaways with the group.


Meeting 9

NLE TV Episode:  “Rainmaking”
Episode Run Time:  10 minutes

Summary:  Above.

Possible Homework:  Create an action plan for one or both of the suggestions that Scott makes – writing an article or speaking engagements.  Over the next week, devise a system that puts benchmarks in place to help you follow through with this Rainmaking concept.


Meeting 10

NLE TV Episode:  “Radical Reference Checking”
Presenter:  Jeff Skrentny, President and Owner of Jefferson Group Search
Episode Run Time:   36 minutes

Summary:  Why, for most recruiters, does reference checking seem to be an afterthought of the search process? Reference Checking has now become Jeff’s most successful prospecting technique.  It has lead to over 53% of his billing dollars since January of 2002, it all but eliminates the voicemail/caller ID problem recruiters must endure, it has lead to the referrals of more than 39% of the candidates he has placed since 2002, and he estimates that it has reduced the amount of time his team spends checking references by about 70%.

Possible Homework:  Most recruiters use a Reference Check Form that is stale and dated.  For homework, revamp your Reference Check Form.  To get started, your team can log on to the Next Level Exchange and click on the NLE Library.  Under “Approaches to Marketing”, have each person spend time on the “Reference Check” section of the Library.  Have each person come prepared to the next meeting with a new and improved Reference Check form and Reference Check follow-up email.


Meeting 11

NLE TV Episode:  “Radical Reference Checking”
Episode Run Time:   24 minutes

Summary:  Above.

Possible Homework:  One of the best ways to differentiate your approach is by having statistics that nobody else has.  These are often tedious to gather and aren’t something that recruiters are patient or organized enough to track – but think about the impact you could make when you have statistics like Jeff’s:
•    Placed more than 1147 professionals in the Chicagoland area since 1987
•    Has an incredible success rate of over 95% with searches he completes
•    Is proud that 82% of his hires are still employed with his clients 3 years later
•    And that 61% of his placements are still employed with his clients 4 years later
•    And that over 55% of his hires have receive at LEAST one promotion since being hired
Over the next week, devise a system that allows you to track either your past placements or new placements moving forward.


Meeting 12

NLE TV Episode:  “Big Biller Secrets”
Presenters:  Jordan Rayboy, Founder of Rayboy Insider Search
Episode Run Time:   40 minutes

Summary:  Jordan has attained over $6M in career cash-in, has earned the CSAM (Certified Senior Account Manager) certification, and is a frequent contributor and a popular presenter at recruiting industry conferences.  In this session Jordan will discuss the techniques that separate him from his competitors, lessons learned from mistakes made, what a typical day looks like and the metrics he follows, and advice he would give to someone who wants to take their practice to the next level.

Possible Homework:  Give yourself a deadline this week – call your client, or your team lead, and tell them how many candidates you will have for them by this same time next week.  If you can even set up some pre-set interview times, great!  You’ll feel pressure to fill each slot, and your client or team lead will appreciate your confidence and commitment to finding candidates.