Mastery Courses

The Ultimate Guide to Client Development

This 8-session series is conducted live via Go to Webinar; each of the 60-minute webinars are recorded and available after the live program, so you will never miss a beat!

Class Schedule

  • Session 1:  Selling the DIFFERENCE of your firm.  This session will focus on the POWER PHRASES you need to be ready to deliver that truly separate your firm from the other firms that are knocking on the same doors. 

  • Session 2:  Developing a Comprehensive Client Development plan.  Building clients isn’t something that happens by accident – it takes a strategy that focuses on consistency and purpose.  This session will focus on building that true strategy.

  • Session 3:   Executing a Targeted Client Strategy and Nailing a Client VisitThis session will focus on how to get a conversation started with a targeted company, what you need to say, what you need to show them and then what you need to deliver when you sit down with them face-to-face.

  • Session 4:  5 Other Paths to New Clients.  Chasing help wanted ads, STAR Marketing (MPCs), Senior Executive Spin Calls, C2C (Candidate to Client) Calls, Confidential Search Calls – these are all ways we can also get new clients but there are specific strategies, tactics and tips you need to master to have these paths turn into business.

  • Session 5:  Overcoming Sales Objections.  “We don’t use Recruiters.” “Your fees are too high.” “Send me candidates and then we’ll talk fees.” These are just some of the objections you will hear in recruiting and you need to be prepared for them!

  • Session 6:  Fee Negotiations.  Negotiating is a system not an art.  This session focuses on a very systematic approach to driving prospect companies into agreeing to higher fees – with more of them paying you MONEY IN ADVANCE for the work you do – the true sign of a real job order.

  • Session 7:  Closing the Sale through a comprehensive Job Intake Call. How you ask for the details surrounding the position they want you to fill is a critical step in closing the sale.  This session will focus on asking the right questions, setting up those questions the right way and ensuring that right from the beginning of the process it is evident that they are dealing with a different kind of recruiting firm.

  • Session 8:  Critical Client Interaction after the Job Order is Taken.  Once the order is received what steps do you need to deliver on to make sure the sale you started is the service the client receives during the actual process and how to you get the recruiting team as motivated to fill the position as you were to bring in the business.

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HEART:  Hardcore Extreme Advanced Recruiter Training

Offered exclusively by Next Level Exchange

 This 11-session series designed for tenured recruiters is conducted live via Go to Webinar; each of the 60-minute webinars are recorded and available for a week following the session.

 Class Schedule

  • Session 1 – Planning and Time Management for the Modern Recruiter.  This session will focus on how to organize, prioritize and plan your day/week/month so that you’re truly working in a way that gets the most bang for every single minute of your day.
  •  Session 2 – Attracting Candidates in a Candidate Short Market.  This session will dive into how to talk to candidates about opportunities in a way that they actually listen to the whole opportunity, getting you more candidates and better referrals.
  • Session 3 – Sourcing Candidates – Part One.  This session will highlight how to decide “who” to call. In this candidate short market, hoping to be the first recruiter to get to the latest resume to hit the Job Boards isn’t enough – you have to HUNT for candidates and that’s exactly what this session will focus on.
  • Session 4 – Sourcing Candidates – Part Two – Digging Deeper.  How do you make LinkedIn a truly productive tool? In-mails, E-mails, and Internal Databases – all are powerful tools in recruiting candidates in a world that keeps getting smaller and smaller.  What about the new AI tools?  This session will focus on a comprehensive approach that will keep you from getting entangled in what can feel like a seemingly endless sea of information. 
  • Session 5 – Making Perfect Recruiting Calls – Part One.  This session will center on the absolute best way to tell candidates about an opportunity – starting with power driven voicemails.
  •  Session 6 – Making Perfect Recruiting Calls – Part Two.  This session will dissect how to end the conversation, get more referrals, spin recruiting calls into business development and how to start the qualifying process.
  • Session 7 – Qualifying the Big 3 – Matching, Money and Motivation.  This session will sharpen your ability to dig deep when it comes to discovering if you really have a candidate that belongs in front of your client.
  • Session 8 – Presenting a Complete Candidate Profile.  This session will drive home the critical nature of proper candidate submittals.  This is what your clients think they pay for, and it has to be perfect.
  • Session 9 – Telephone Interviews – The Whole Picture.  This session will direct you on how to prep, debrief and pre-close your candidates to get over the first hurdle.
  • Session 10 – Personal Interviews – The Last Hurdle.  This session will concentrate on finishing the deal – how to bring all the pieces together to make a successful placement.
  • Session 11 – Comprehensive Closing.  Getting people to take a new job and leave a place where they have been established for years is a hard life choice to make; understand the psychology behind what your candidates are going through so you can gently guide them down the path to new opportunity.
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Client Focused Search™: Retained/Engaged Client Development Course

“I utilized some of the tips I learned during the course, along with the personal coaching from Karen, to negotiate a 2-year retained contract with a rapidly growing startup just weeks after the course wrapped.”
– Deanna O’Connell, President: Red Kite Recruiting

Recruiters want COMMITTED CLIENTS and HIGHER FEES – and that’s exactly what they are going to get from NLE’s 6-week Distance-Based Mastery Course.

Walk away with:

  • Your VIP List of 100 key target clients along with an action plan of what to say, when to say it, and how to stay in the right place at the right time
  • An opening script for your client development calls that would grab even Mark Cuban’s attention if you were to go on Shark Tank
  • An understanding of your metrics that actually matter to the client (it’s not what you think!)
  • How to transition clients from contingent to financially committed terms when they have already been receiving great service from you for years
  • Collateral material to share with clients
  • Actual scripts you will use to transition existing clients, secure engaged searches, and secure multi-position retained agreements
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Performance Management Course for Owners/Managers/Emerging Leaders

“…the best boss I ever had.”

That is a phrase most of us have said or heard at some point, but what does it mean? What sets a great manager apart from the average manager?

There are countless books and articles about the qualities of managers and leaders and whether the two differ; little has been said about what happens in the thousands of daily interactions and decisions that allow managers to get the best out of their people and win their devotion. This workshop is about teaching you what great managers actually DO.

In this interactive workshop, we will provide you with the real skills to answer the following questions:

  • What areas do I need to improve to become a more effective manager?
  • What is my most effective management style?
  • What metrics do I track daily, weekly, monthly and annually?
  • How do I better utilize metrics information to coach my people?
  • Why don’t my sales people do what I tell them to do?

This workshop is designed to help producers, team leaders and billing managers increase their effectiveness as managers and leaders. It will also contrast the traits of a big biller versus those of an effective manager, how proficiency in one does not constitute success in the other and how the lack of that realization can quickly create an environment of frustration, low productivity, and costly turnover.

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