Owner Wisdom

Offered exclusively by Next Level Exchange 

Can we be honest? Anyone who is brave enough and crazy enough to own, lead or manage a recruiting firm these days needs some wisdom!  We subject ourselves to the kind of ridiculous situations that can only happen in our world.  We deal with people doing things that never make sense and we surround ourselves with employees, clients and candidates that all seem to be even crazier than we are – we NEED some WISDOM!

Class Schedule

  • Session 1:  Finding, Hiring and Expectations for the Next Generation of Recruiters.   85% turnover every 18 months.  That’s the rate for our industry.  We have to do a better job identifying who has the potential to become a good recruiter before we spend $10,000 on them in their first 90 days.  That’s what this session will start with a focus on: a step-by-step guide to hiring your next great recruiter.  Secondly, you’ve hired them – now what?  Where should a new hire be 30, 60, 90 days in?  When should you expect their first billings?  What should they look like after a year? What about year 2, or year 5?  That’s what we’ll be talking about here – what are realistic expectations for your people and what’s the right way to monitor that progress.
  • Session 2: Training True Top Producers.  Where do you start? You hired them – now how do you teach them what you know?  The “do what I do” method doesn’t work; you’re busy trying to run your own desk.  How do you get them off on the right path?  That’s what we’ll focus on in this session – a frank honest discussion about what you need to do to get recruiters off on the right foot.
  • Session 3: Compensation, Goals and Rewards.  How do you pay these new hires?  Salary + commission?  All commission? What about bonuses?  What about other incentives?  This session is all about the money and the moving pieces that go into rewarding your people the right way – but it’s more than that.  How do you use the compensation and moving pieces as a retention tool that’s truly effective – especially with the latest generation of recruiters?
  • Session 4: Which people doing which role?  Every firm is different – that’s true.  But there is an absolute reality to the type of person you hire.  Finding someone who can truly excel at running a full desk is incredibly rare.  When you do find them, they often need support.  What if you don’t have any of those people?  What if you want to break the process up into pieces – what should that look like?  That’s what this session will be all about – how to break apart the process into the people that fit the right roles.
  • Session 5: Creating a Company-wide Client Development Plan.  How is it that most recruiting firms wind up creating a client base almost by accident?  How is it that if you’re willing to sign our agreement, we’re willing to call you a client?  Why does our industry put almost no thought into who we want as clients? Sure, we’ll pick a niche, but then if a company falls into that column our attitude is always “heck yes, we’ll make you a client.”  We need to be much more strategic, more organized and more disciplined if you want to build a solid foundation of cornerstone clients.  That’s what we’ll be talking about in this session – the strategy to do just that – grow!
  • Session 6: Separating From Other Firms.  Every Recruiter on the planet likes to claim they are different than their competition.  But are you really?  What do your clients really want from you?  How do you create a lasting impression with them and build true brand awareness?  That’s what we’re going to wrap up with – a plan to put ourselves 12 rungs above the competition!
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