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Candidate Interview Debrief

Keep in mind that this is a serious life choice that is being made by the candidate; this is how a candidate provides for himself, for his family, how he identifies his contribution to the world, and his sense of security.  Take the time to not only help the candidate decide if this is the […]

Candidate Interview Preparation

Even if a candidate has been in the industry for quite some time and feel like they’ve interviewed successfully before, or even if a candidate has been interviewing recently, slow down and walk them through what to expect and how to put their best foot forward.  A solid candidate interview prep should include a preface […]

Client Interview Preparation

Preparing a hiring manager for an interview may be one of the most commonly skipped steps in the placement process.  This omission may be due to an assumption that hiring managers interview people constantly and certainly know what they are doing, or because we are worried about offending the hiring manager by giving them suggestions […]