Client Interview Debrief

Throughout the client debrief conversation it is critical to help your client process the “why’s” behind the accuracy of the hire. The purpose of the client debrief is to gauge initial thoughts, but to then continue to provide information or support to assist your client in thinking through this alignment. It may be required to conduct the interview debrief with multiple hiring managers, depending on the schedule of the interview. If multiple decision makers met with this candidate, do your best not to rely on someone else’s interpretation of how the meetings went and what the next steps are – speak to all of the decision makers involved in the process. Your objective is to have enough information that you can truly be a participant in this process as opposed to a spectator – take the time to thoroughly debrief both the candidate and the client, build trust, rapport, and ultimately arm yourself with the proper information to truly play a consultative role in the debrief and closing of the placement process.




altScript for Client Interview Debrief
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This clip from the Foundation Training Program discusses the six primary objectives behind conducting a comprehensive interview debrief with the hiring manager following their initial interview with your candidate.

Revisiting all of the necessary areas for the client to find alignment is the essence of this clip;  this dialogue with a client can help reinforce the original search criteria as well as better understand how the candidate compares to others the hiring manager is evaluating for the role.

Research has shown that human beings find more value in things they have a hard time obtaining; this clip from the Foundation Training Program explains how to both play to that need while still receiving additional information to share with the candidate about why this is a unique opportunity and potential future home.


Managing both the expectations and the ego of a candidate are necessary throughout the entire interview process; this clip shares specific techniques to remind the candidate that demands at this stage are irrelevant if the candidate does not get offered a position within the organization.