Big Biller Insights with Christian Burney

Streaming video -  36 minutes

Christian Burney is a Managing Partner of Magee Resource Group and recruits in the Cardiovascular Leadership industry.

Christian began his career with Magee Resource Group as a cardiovascular services recruiter, and was soon promoted to a training leadership role. Presently, along with his managerial duties, he continues to work with client hospitals to recruit top cardiovascular leadership. Christian came to Magee Resource Group with a solid background in both the healthcare and private business worlds. He has been a Certified Athletic Trainer for a top sports medicine department earning stellar reviews.

With a background in both physical training and educational training, powered by his Master’s degree in Secondary Education, Christian leads the Magee Resource Group’s ongoing learning and training initiatives.

In this big biller presentation, Christian shares tips to help focus your attention, maximize your productivity, while “delivering a great work”.

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