Big Biller Insights with Alexander Ross

Streaming video -  40 minutes

Alexander Ross leads the Global Security Practice at Kaye/Bassman International.  He started his recruiting career in 2004 with a recruitment network in the United Kingdom, and has expanded his reach to include making placements in 23 countries by 2012.  In 2012, he moved his recruitment operations base to the United States, offering a truly global security practice.  Successfully placing candidates at leading security companies around the world, Alexander has a developed a unique perspective on “global recruitment” services since his clients are in countries such as the UK, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, US and Canada.

In Alexander’s presentation, he shares some of his best practices of building a global desk including the different approaches for expanding your search to new countries, communication and culture considerations and how they differ from country to country, technology tips and cost considerations, time zones and planning, and much more.

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