Big Biller Insights with Carlos Kingwergs

Streaming video -  34 minutes

Carlos Kingwergs is Managing Partner of Kingwergs & Associates® in Mexico City, and is the exclusive representative of the International Executive Search Federation (IESF) worldwide for Mexico and North Latin America.

He leads retained executive searches with a focus on assisting international companies to staff and grow their operations within the North Latin American (N.LATAM) markets.  Carlos brings a professional career path spent in worldwide companies such as HP, Software AG and Roche.  Carlos has held various managerial and executive positions in Sales, Marketing, IT, Operations and Supply Chain, giving him spectrum of understanding in globalization, macro-economical and trans-cultural trends within the region.

Today, Kingwergs & Associates has offices in both Cuernavaca, Mexico and Houston, Texas.  In Carlos' presentation, he shares how he got started in search, and how he built his international search business, and his best practices for continued success.

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