Big Biller Insights with Normand Lebeau

Streaming video -  51 minutes

Normand Lebeau is President and Chief Guardian of the Mandrake experience.  With over 15 years experience in the executive search field, Normand joined Mandrake in 1996 as the Managing Partner of the company's Montreal office.  Since that time, he has developed a multi-specialist executive search practice servicing intermediate and senior levels within the Quebec market. Normand is Mandrake’s executive delegate to the International Executive Search Federation. Normand has been invited as guest speaker at numerous Human Resources development events and conferences throughout the world.

In his second language - English, Normand shares his business development topics including:

  • “Owning” and becoming the “Chief Guardian” of your firm’s experience with clients and candidates
  • Conducting market studies can help you truly understand clients’ needs
  • Intellectual agility and continual innovation helps build added value

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