Big Biller Insights with Paul Silitsky

Streaming video -  34 minutes

Paul Silitsky is the CEO of answerQuest Executive Search based in Hollywood, Florida. With over 20 years of sales, marketing and management experience in Fortune 500 companies, as well as early stage pre-IPO companies, Paul’s primary focus throughout his career has been the establishment of sales and marketing organizations. Paul has had hiring responsibility for over 250 sales professionals in the outsourcing, consulting, healthcare, technology and financial services fields. With an extensive career in sales with multi billion dollar data communication and information services companies, Paul has achieved numerous accolades including “Sales Executive of the Year, “Sales Manager of the Year” and “Highest-Performing Area Vice-President of Sales.”

Since founding answerQUEST Executive Search in 1998, answerQUEST has been one of the fastest growing offices in the recruiting industry specializing in 5 key industry sectors: Technology Sales, Security Sales Technology & Management, Medical Technology Sales, Big Data Analytics Technology and Retail and Manufacturing.

In this presentation, Paul shares his insights and experiences of how he built his practice, became a market master, and how his team built an environment which fosters the continued growth of others in his search firm.

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