Big Biller Insights with Richard Fernandes

Streaming video -  24 minutes

Richard Fernandes is the founder and CEO of The Staffing Exchange. He has been in the recruitment industry for over 25 years as a recruiter, owner operator and now a dedicated trainer. He has trained hundreds of recruiters and is ranked as one of Canada's TOP 100 most influential leaders in the multibillion dollar staffing industry. Richard started in the recruiting industry when there was just a rotary dial phone, the yellow pages and a fax machine, yet he was still able to become a big biller in accounting and finance and holds the record for the fastest placement for a rookie - 3 days. He founded The Staffing Exchange in 2002 as a firm commitment to the training, certification and licensing of Career Brokers.

Richard trains recruiters every month and the most common question he is asked, "How do I become a Big Biller?”. In this episode, he discusses the four pillars needed to help you achieve a Big Biller level of success in your practice.

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