Exclusive Big Biller Insights with Stacy Pursell

Streaming video - 46 minutes

Stacy Pursell is the Founder, President and owner of The Pursell Group LLC, an executive search firm specializing in the Life Sciences Industry. Stacy has a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and she worked in television broadcasting, broadcast communications and in the advertising business before joining the executive search profession. She is about to begin her 15th year in the executive search profession. Stacy started out working for a large international search firm where she was the #1 producing recruiter in her office, #1 in the Southwest region, in the top 10 nationally within the US and a Pacesetter before starting her own firm.

In this big biller episode, Stacy gives her insight into how she has become a trusted advisor to her clients, and has built her practice by focusing on repeat client business.

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