Becoming a Talent Force by Hank Stringer

Streaming video - 61 minutes

Hank Stringer has three decades of experience as a successful executive recruiter, consultant, author, industry speaker, entrepreneur, founder, visionary & innovator in the creation and use of Internet technology for the recruitment process.  Hank is co-author of Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business, written with Rusty Rueff, former Executive Vice President of HR at Electronic Arts and CEO of SNOCAP. Hank has written numerous articles in global publications and has presented at International conferences on Talent Management.

In his presentation, Hank shares proven ideas of how GREAT recruiters become a talent force for their clients and candidates.  Topics include:

  • How to impact the markets served
  • How to become a market expert
  • How to discuss business models and strategies
  • How to position yourself to create value

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