Electrifying Sales of Your Recruiting Success by Mike O’Neil

Streaming video - 72 minutes

Mike O’Neil is a true pioneer in the world of Social Media. Mike founded the world’s first Social Networking, LinkedIn & Social Media training company, Integrated Alliances, in 2003. Currently, Mike is widely recognized as one of the top authorities on LinkedIn & Social Media. A technology sales engineering veteran since 1984, Mike has a talent for helping others understand technology. For over two decades, he trained sales teams to sell technology products and educated customers to use these often-complex products and services. Mike became a charter LinkedIn user in 2004, soon after it launched. Mike is the #25 most connected person on LinkedIn.

In this presentation, Mike gives a recruiting-specific overview of LinkedIn.  He’ll show how to develop a professional profile, how to connect with others and use groups, how to use advanced search techniques, and how to market a recruiting practice.

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