Managing Resistance by Helene Buchanan-Dunne

Streaming video - 60 minutes

Helene has a track record in the development and rollout of field and on-line recruitment training programs to over 1,200 offices in over 40 countries. Having worked in a number of countries herself as a recruiter and manager, Helene brings a breadth of experience on international search and selection, an understanding of the challenges that recruiters and business owners face, and the ability to provide training that offers practical solutions.

One of the first lessons we learn as recruiters (and some say the hardest) is that we hear the word “no” on a daily basis. “No” comes to us in a variety of subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Here’s the big news – “no” typically does not mean “I will not work with you”. Resistance can actually be an opportunity for more business. In this session Helene will discuss:

  • The four types of resistance
  • What the hiring authority really thinks
  • Setting the standards of the hiring authority/recruiter relationship
  • Reducing the likelihood of resistance upfront
  • How to uncover the “real” resistance
  • What to do once you identify the “real” resistance

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