Online Techniques for Building Clientele by Mark Berger

Streaming video - 35 minutes

Mark Berger has been in placement and staffing since 1979. He is currently the owner of Swat Recruiting, a firm supporting the technology needs of the recruiting and staffing industry. Although he still works a desk, he’s also a leading recruiting industry trainer. Mark teaches the recruiting community best practices as they relate to the social and business networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and shows how recruiters can utilize those networks for recruiting, marketing, and branding. He is CPC and AIRS CIR certified and sits on the State Board of Directors for the Mid-America Association of Personnel Services.

In this presentation, Mark shares his best tips for using Technology and online techniques for building clientele. He’ll give an overview of how to capture marketing leads, how to research an industry, identify contacts within a company and much more.

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