Phoenix Recruiting by Bill Boorman

Streaming video - 59 minutes

Bill Boorman is Managing Director of the Boorman Consultancy and is something of a recruitment veteran, having worked in the industry for over 25 years.  The last 12 years he worked for one of the fastest growing companies in the U.K. - this culminating in his appointment as Director of Training.  He describes himself as being a non-academic trainer, preferring instead to deliver “true life” training that mixes reality with theory. As a presenter, Bill has delivered many keynotes to industry leaders, working to his usual aim of informing, amusing, educating and inspiring change. It’s a simple belief that people learn best when they are smiling.

In this session Bill discusses:

  • How to navigate the 4 stages of a recession
  • The 2 fundamental skillsets to recruiting success
  • Key questions to ask that lead to closing more business

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