The Spark That Ignites Revenue by Donato Diorio

Streaming video - 51 minutes


Donato Diorio is a pioneer in the field of Internet research. As a software architect and the owner of a top billing placement firm, Donato envisioned applications that could automate many of the most time-consuming research functions performed by his recruiters. With the assistance of a team of developers, Donato created a series of innovative tools that immediately impacted revenue for his firm.  In 2001, Donato founded Broadlook Technologies. Today, Broadlook serves thousands of clients worldwide (including Fortune 100 companies) with applications to aid in staffing, sales, and overall business intelligence initiatives. In his presentation, Donato discusses how adding a great researcher to your practice can be “The Spark that Ignites Revenue.”  He shows you how to find great researchers that will:

  • Fill in the talent gaps
  • Drive more revenue
  • “Top Task” your talent pool

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