Think 360 Degrees by Ira Bershad

Streaming video - 65 minutes

Ira has been in the Search business since 1996 and his teams have produced over $10 million career cash-in. He has been a producing manager and trainer and has appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box and has been quoted in numerous national business publications, including The Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal Online, Sales & Marketing Management, and

In an ever-changing industry such as recruiting and search, new ways to gain a competitive edge are all around us. With technology and new communication tools growing in popularity, one factor is still the most critical - your ability to be aware, and manage, all of the parts of the recruiting process. This total awareness and mastery of the process is what we call THINK 360°. The THINK 360° recruiting philosophy is a Relationship Approach; based upon building business from every participant’s perspective in the process.

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