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Next Level Exchange (NLE) is proud to offer the Facilitated Foundation Program (FFT) program for a limited time in 2022. FFT is Trainer-led via 15 live webinars during a set 5-week curriculum. This frees up your time while we train your new or experienced recruiters – such as those who need a refresher or never received formal training on the fundamentals of the complete search process.

FFT equips new recruiters with the skills, tools, and vernacular essential for a career in professional search. The quantity and depth of topics covered are also ideal for experienced search professionals who want to reaffirm existing skills or become proficient in deficient areas of their search knowledge.

Course facilitation and instruction recaps expand and enforce the 60 chapters of 20 Modules of the NLE Foundation Training Program; nearly 22 hours of professionally produced videos, participant workbooks, scripting exercises, quizzes, and collaborative discussion questions. FFT is delivered in a participative distance-based classroom setting with 20 hours of live Trainer led course facilitation.


Program Costs: $800/student for NLE Premium Membership

Course facilitation and training materials (does not include extracurricular coaching). Access to all 15 live webinar recordings during training and two weeks after course completion.

Coaching call package add-on: Maximize your investment by speaking directly with your student’s Trainer to discuss industry best practices and your student’s progress.

Program Benefits

Multiple learning methods: Tenured NLE Trainers strengthen the learning process through live module recaps via GoToTraining (GTT) webinars. This includes roleplaying, scripting exercises, facilitating group discussion and participation, and performance management (PAR/ KPIs/ metrics) while teaching and reinforcing the principles of professional search in this high touch setting.

Personal attention: Class size is limited to allow for participation and questions from each student. Trainers are live on a webcam via GTT, coaching each student throughout the process. We encourage students to join with there webcams as well.

No travel required: FFT is 100% distance-based, saving time and money for unnecessary travel. All webinar sessions are recorded and available for viewing up to two weeks after course completion.

Participants: FFT is full 360 professional search training. Students vary from recruiters without search experience to experienced search consultants with two decades plus in our industry. FFT comprises students focusing on the candidate side, full 360 search consultants, researchers, business development professionals, recruiting trainers, and search firm owners.

Webinar length:  Sessions are 60 or up to 90 minutes in length; fifteen live webinars in total.

Program Details: Facilitated Foundation Training is a five-week course consisting of fifteen Trainer-led live webinar recap sessions. Students watch modules from NLE Foundation Training (www.nextlevelexchange.com) per FFT curriculum before joining each live recap on GTT. Additional opportunities available post each webinar for supplemental activities and script development.


Five-Week Format and Session Content

Week 1 Module
Session 1 1 Search Industry and Search Process Overview
Session 2 4 & 9 Approaches to Recruiting & Executing the Call
Session 3 2 Planning and Executing
Session 4 10 Responding to Recruiting Resistance
Session 5 12 Solid Candidate Data Sheets
Week 2 Module
Session 6 11 Recruiting Objections & Rebuttals Roleplay & Extending the call
Session 7 13 Matching & Presenting & Performance Management
Session 8 14 & 15 Candidate & Client Interview Prep & Debrief
Week 3
Session 9 16 Pre-Closing & Qualifying
Session 10 18 Offer, Acceptance, Resignation & Transition (PAR due)
Week 4
Session 11 3 & 5 Approaches to Marketing & Marketing Resistance
Session 12 6 Marketing Objections & Rebuttals Roleplay & Solid Search Assignments (PAR due)
Week 5
Session 13 7 & 8 Service Charges and Service Charge Resistance & Contractual Elements
Session 14 19 Top tips for Success & Critical Scenarios  (PAR due)


For More Information Contact:

Christine Geiger
Senior Director of Training & Development
Email: [email protected]
Direct: 972-265-5249


Stacy Napoles
Director of Training & Development
Email: [email protected]
Direct: 972-265-5380