Finding/Interviewing/Hiring The Next Generation of Top Performers




Finding/Interviewing/Hiring The Next Generation of Top Performers

Join Greg Doersching Thursday, January 20th at 1:00 pm CST for this LIVE WEBINAR!
Search Firm Owners, this webinar is for you!

The candidate short market isn’t just affecting you clients hiring efforts – it’s affecting most Search Firms as well.  It generally starts with the problem of owners trying to find “someone just like me.” That isn’t likely to happen – and when it does happen it’s rare.  Join Recruiting Industry expert Greg Doersching as he walks you through the process of finding the next group of people who can significantly impact your firm in a positive way.  We will talk through best practices for profiling potential highly productive employees, proper techniques to interview applicants for the Recruiting world and then tips on ensuring your offers are accepted.  So you can build the team of your choosing.  This is a session no owner should miss. 






For over 20 years Greg Doersching has been recognized as one of the most cutting-edge voices in the recruiting industry. He is a Senior Network Advisor with Sanford Rose and the President of Next Level Coaching, as an International Trainer and has presented hundreds of workshops and Keynote Addresses for the National Association of Personnel Services, American Staffing Association, Fordyce Forum, Pinnacle Society, Next Level Exchange, NPA, Top-Echelon Network and the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services and numerous Regional, State and Local groups.  He is consistently rated as one of the top presenters for each conference, and works with hundreds of recruiters across the country on how to improve the production of their companies and desks.

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