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Team Focused Search: The Future Model for Growth

In the formative years of recruiting, the norm was to be a generalist.  An evolution transpired with the adoption of market mastery, and a new norm was created.  In the early 2000’s, firms were categorized by purely contingent or purely retained.  An evolution transpired in 2004, when Client Focused Search was trademarked and taught, and a new norm was created when firms began to customize their approach around the needs of the unique client.  Today, a new evolution is shifting the way we have traditionally structured the roles within search firms.  Join Jeff Kaye as he reveals the profound new concept regarding the structure for growing a next level team, practice and/or firm.  He will cover the why and how as it relates to roles, career paths and compensation.

  • It is harder than ever for new full-desk recruiters to succeed.  We can help solve that.
  • Based on typical candidate and client ownership guidelines, recruiters can experience very high billing highs and very low lows, causing a lack of motivation.  We can help solve that.
  • The most talented and tenured recruiters (veterans) talk with the least number of prospective clients and candidates.  We can help solve that.
  • Large staffing firms have built a machine that drives revenue; most search firms have not.  We can help solve that.
  • Most firms have a model that inherently ends with recruiters leaving to start their own firm (like most owners attending this webinar once did).  We can help solve that.

Join us for this informative webinar designed to help you increase productivity, efficiency, retention, and profitably.