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Thursday, April 9th, 12p Central – the recording will be sent out if you can’t attend live.

APRIL’S TOPIC: Ensuring a Solid Value Proposition for your Internal Clients with Jeff Kaye

We think of value proposition in terms of our clients, but why are our most valued clients not the people within our own walls? Imagine going to everyone in your firm and saying that they can get a copy of their database, continue to work with every one of their clients and candidates and that any restrictive provisions in their employment agreements are void. They simply must pay you something reasonable, such as paying 25% of their forward production for a year. Would you be worried? It’s not a topic that many want to think about, but it’s the most crucial topic for every single search firm owner who oversees a team of more than just themselves. Going out on one’s own is always a possibility, but it is exacerbated when either (1) someone has a significant success -or- (2) times get lean, and billings drop. If our recruiters genuinely are our most valued asset, what keeps people from questioning if they should stay, beyond knowing they would be facing guilt or the threat of being sued?


Unfortunately, answers like “they like being part of this team” or “I just don’t think they would do that to me, we’ve been through so much together” are simply not strong enough. Creating value does not mean funding their career start, training them, providing a distinctive culture, paying for a few legally mandated expenses, and providing a few benefits. It is about providing holistic value in every facet of their professional careers. In this session, Jeff will cover special programs and offerings that every firm should provide to their associates. There is only one objective with this: how can you provide an ability for people to build anything they would want inside your organization? Team structures, compensation plans, coaching programs, operational support (financial and technical included), Marcom assistance, continuous learning, abundant resources, and vibrant culture that brings out the best in each other are all some of the bricks needed to build.


Regardless of your firm size, this session will guide you in how to ensure that creating this is not an event but rather a continual work in process masterpiece. The short and long term value of your business is directly linked to your team. Join us; your own next level awaits!


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Thursday, April 9th, 12p Central – the recording will be sent out if you can’t attend live.