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Class starts February 19, 2020 and includes Owner Therapy for one year.



Emerging Leaders: Performance Management IQ

Producing Manager’s Guide to Coaching and Managing 


Within many industries, the success of a business relies more on the people you pay than the people who pay you. In other words, your people are your most important asset. In recruiting, people are your only asset.

Creating clear and quantifiable career paths, providing consistent reviews and feedback, and crafting an environment of ongoing learning and perpetual growth are all huge pillars in the foundation of developing your next generation of future leaders, and retaining the superstars you want to retain.

Once that foundation is poured and the framework is in, any builder knows that the devil is in the details. The finish-out of any building makes the difference between a standard home and a custom one. How do you go beyond building simply a solid foundation within your organization, and instead create a custom home where nobody would ever dream of leaving?

This workshop is about teaching you what great recruiting leaders actually DO.


Program Benefits

Multiple methods of learning:  Each live distance-based workshop includes a workbook, live audio and visuals, role-plays, questions and answers, case study discussions and recommended video supplements.

Easily scheduled:  Sign in through a simple link sent to your e-mail address.

No travel required:  Can easily fit into a busy schedule. There is no need to leave the office or even leave your desk.

Attendees:  Designed for any producer in a management role, no matter the tenure.

Session Length:  Each session covers one module and is approximately 60 minutes in length.

Sessions are delivered once per week at the same time for six weeks.


Performance Management: Details

Program Cost

  • $1,195 for non-NLE subscribers; includes Owner Therapy for duration of the course
  • $895 for NLE subscribers without Owner Therapy access; includes OT for one year
  • $595 for NLE subscribers with Owner Therapy access


Performance Management Workshop Agenda

 Module 1:  The Why

  • Life Laws for Leadership
  • An Era of Authenticity
  • Annual Planning
  • Desire to Inspire

 Module 2: Leadership vs. Management

  • Self Assessment
  • Metrics that Matter
  • Diagnosis and Prescription: Stop Announcing the Score

 Module 3: Expectations and Inspections

  • Inspecting what you Expect
  • Assessing Telephone Reports
  • Effective Listening
  • Making Guiding Suggestions

Module 4: The Journey

  • Reengaging Proven Producers
  • Time Management for Managers
  • Automating your Firm

Module 5: Managing Up or Out

  • Course Correction
  • Dealing with Ethical Issues
  • Critical Conversations

Module 6:  Turning the Grind into the Goal

  • Critical Conversations – Your Turn
  • Relationships and Retention
  • Creating a High Performance Culture
  • Who’s Coaching You?
  • Establishing your Perpetual Prime of Life


 For More Information Contact

Karen Schmidt, Managing Partner
Email:  [email protected]
Direct:  214.556.8000