NLRT Client Series 5 DVD Set


The Next Level Recruiting Training Client Series 5 DVD Training Program is professionally produced and contains over seven hours of video content with intermission breaks, on-screen slides, workbooks with answer keys, and “Tips from the Trenches” from several $400k+ and $1Million+ annual producers.

DVD Set Includes:

  • (5) DVD videos (NTSC format)
  • (5) PDF Training workbooks (sent via email)
  • One workbook per DVD Module
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The Next Level Recruiting Training Client Series 5 DVD Training Program is professionally produced and contains over seven hours of video content with intermission breaks, on-screen slides, workbooks with answer keys, and “Tips from the Trenches” from several $400k+ and $1Million+ annual producers.

DVD Set Includes:

• (5) DVD videos (NTSC format)

• (5) PDF Training workbooks (sent via email)

• One workbook per DVD Module

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Module 5: Effective Marketing Presentations

• 12 Tips for Effective Marketing Presentations

• 8 Techniques for Handling Gatekeepers

• 15 Unique Marketing Presentations Including Sample Scripts

• Top Recruiter Tips


Module 6: Overcoming Marketing Objections/Resistance

• 12 Insights to Increase Your Effectiveness

• 15 Common Marketing Hurdles and Potential Responses

• Top Recruiter Tips


Module 7: Solid Search Assignments

• 18 Tips for Effective Needs Analysis

• 4 Approaches for Transitioning Dialogue

• 10 Components of a Solid Search Assignment

• Top Recruiter Tips


Module 8: Establishing the Proper Service Charge

• 6 Distinct Agreements

• Client Focused Search Overview

• Methodology of Educating Clients on Difference Between Contingent Recruiting and Financially Committed Search/Dedicated Search

• Top Recruiter Tips


Module 9: Overcoming Service Charge Objections/Resistance

• 5 Specific Objections to the Service Charge and Potential Responses

• 6 Areas of Resistance to Financially Committed Search and Potential Responses

• 8 Suggestions to Increase Effectiveness in Responding to Service Charge Resistance

• Top Recruiter Tips


“I am approaching my ten year anniversary in the recruiting industry and our firm has always had an aggressive grwoth strategy. The key to our success will always be focused around hiring the the best talent in our market, and then effectively grooming and coaching them to the next level. If we experience the high turnover many of our competitors are experiencing, we could never achieve our aggressive goals cost effectively. To that end, I look for firms in the market that have already implemented and achieved what we hope to. Jeff Kaye, and Kaye/Bassman are the team we have chosen to emulate. He is a proven leader, and continues to think outside the box in every conversation we have. Our goal is to perform in the top 1% of the recruiting world, and we have agreed to partner with Jeff Kaye and use their consulting and training offerings to help us reach the top. Thanks Jeff for all you have done for us and are about to do for us.”

Tom Near, President & CEO
NEAR & Associates

“In my opinion, there is no such thing as ever taking a risk in listening to Jeff Kaye. If anyone is willing to invest the time to watch your new training video’s, they can not help but open their minds to a multitude of new ways to think about their practices. Your pragmatic approach and real life ideas are the keys to a successful business. As always you continue to be a strong influence in the growth of our business.”

Robert Klein, Managing Partner
Management Recruiters of Willow Grove

“Thank you for providing an incredible training series on candidate recruiting that will allow anyone from “rookies” to pro’s in recruiting to achieve their goals. I am excited to incorporate your introductory series into my firm’s initial and ongoing training program. As one of our industry’s top firms with a winning team of professionals I truly admire and respect, it is wonderful to be able to utilize the practices and techniques that have allowed KBIC to attain an impressive track record of growth and achievement. As always, your charismatic delivery is informative and motivating! In addition, my team really enjoyed hearing tips directly from top KBIC search consultants including Mike Kittelson and Jeff Wittenberg. As part of the MRINetwork, we have always enjoyed training from the KBIC team. Nick Turner, Shawn Desgrosellier, Matt Steffe, Holly Wittenberg, Krista Dawson, John McAfee and many others have provided us with excellent advice and approaches to our business over the past 7 years. I’m thrilled to finally have this training on DVD to share with my team.

Thank you again for providing us with your wisdom and insight. I anxiously await your next series!”

– Glenda Church Smith, President & CEO
OM5 Dallas


“Next Level had created one of the finest examples of recruiter training that exists in today’s recruiting marketplace bar none. Whether you’re a rookie or a pro the name says it all – and this is the training product that will take you to the Next Level. If I had one product or training system to invest in to train, motivate and grow myself or my recruiters with this would be it.”

– Bill Vick, President

“I have known Jeff Kaye for the past 15 years. His approach to executive search blends creativity and innovation with pragmatic strategies and tactics that are proven to get results. Kaye/Bassman has been ranked consistently in the top 10 executive search firms nationwide over the past 10 years. This high performance culture results from a training and development system that Kaye/Bassman has refined and perfected over the years. This series is a “no brainer” for rookies and tenured A/Es who want to take their practice to the next level. Jeff has conducted a number of training sessions in our office and I can assure you that your investment in this program will pay high dividends.”

Karl Dinse, Managing Partner
Management Recruiters of Sacramento

“Intelligent, logical, interesting, entertaining, fresh…just some of the “must haves” if you expect tenured recruiters to feel like they’re getting something out of a training video, while at the same time delivering comprehensive training for your newest employees. Next Level Recruiting Training delivers on all fronts, capturing the relevant, sound techniques that made Kaye/Bassman the super-successful organization that they are today. By using this material, I believe you build a strong foundation for new hires and at the same time challenge even the most grizzled veteran to raise their game to a new level.”

– Gary King, President
MRI of Tampa North, Florida

“Next Level Recruiting Training has truly presented a gift to the entire search and placement profession. Previously, there were other training materials I would have called “The Gold Standard”. NLRT training is “The Platinum Standard” of training today. This training will absolutely set you and your practice apart from anyone else who has not been exposed to this material.

 The training is a survey of most of, if not all, the existing search and placement strategies and techniques distilled to the absolute essential best-practices. These distillations aren’t just academic. A team of big-billers who consistently outperform their peers has tested every method.

In our profession, we can’t make any person or company do anything. We can’t force a candidate to take a job, a company to use our services or a client to hire our candidate. But we can change their perceptions. An analogy is a comparison between two situations to highlight the real-world similarities between them. Next Level Recruiting Training has created a training series that includes a large number of well-thought-out and well-tested analogies. By illustrating something familiar to a person, you will be able to show that person a new way of thinking. Having this set of well thought out analogies is invaluable. You are not going to find this anywhere else.

Kaye/Bassman was the number one office in all of their network (1000+ offices) for over ten years in a row. The reason that (Kaye/Bassman was able to become number one is they put an extraordinary emphasis on training, an effort that was second to none. Since Kaye/Bassman spent years and years learning from the best trainers from around the country, they became the best-of-the-best. They eventually formed a training program to train their own. With ten (10) $1,000, 000.00 production search consultants emerging within one year from Kaye/Bassman — as well as producing search luminaries such as Bill Vick and Jeff Kaye — it only make sense to figure out what their training is and replicate it. Now you don’t have to send in spies. You don’t have to reverse engineer what they have done. Next Level Recruiting Training will show you exactly what they are doing – hand it to you on a silver platter.

Over the years, I have spent thousands of dollars on training for myself and for my people. I have new people coming aboard and I will not expose them to the other trainers. It just doesn’t make sense. Everything needed to get a search consultant to be an eagle is in the training provided by Next Level Recruiting Training.”

– Barry Silber, Owner & CEO
The InfoSec Group LLC


“Our office has been using the NLRT training DVD’s since the first series – Candidate Series – was launched spring 2007. One of the core issues in today’s war for talent is mastering your markets and building your own market niche based upon Function Industry Location Level. This has helped each consultant in organization to grow their business to all time high in 2007, with our office up more than 90% on billing/cash in this year. We are located in a market with 200.000 people in a 1 hour circle. Which means that the geographical market must be much broader. More than 90% of our business is retained, but having started to use the NLRT new Client Series we see that we have a lot to gain on the marketing side. I recommend the DVD’s – not only to US offices, but also international recruitment companies that want to grow their business onwards. The NLRT DVD’s are presented in an understandable way to international recruiters, too, and is an important part of our training programme. Many thanks for doing this, Jeff!”

– Trond Larsen, Owner and CEO
Scandinavian Search Group, Norway

“I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jeff Kaye first when I opened my business back in 1995, at which time he was a presenter at many of the MRINetwork Conferences; and subsequently throughout the years where we have found Jeff to be one of the best mentors, trainers and consultants in the recruiting industry. In addition, he owned and managed the most successful office in the MRINetwork; hence, he understands the business! His performance goes above anything we have experienced before in the recruiting industry. Our Managing Partner, Gary Ellerman, uses all of his training materials, including the Marketing and Recruiting training program and we have found them to be a lifeline to knowledge in this industry for our new and tenured recruiters. We at Management Recruiters of Madison, Inc. owe a magnitude of gratitude to Jeff for all of the golden nuggets he has shared over the years and in his training programs. These are only words, and they fall short of the praise that Jeff and his team deserve.”

– Patricia Capanna, President
MRI of Madison


“I found both the Candidate and Client series valuable to my office. Jeff’s presentation demonstrates a common sense, no nonsense approach to the recruitment & search profession with proven methodologies that are indeed effective. The practices and methods he describes do not delineate between retained, contingency/success fee, contract/temp, etc. but instead, the skills he shares are effective and valuable, regardless of style or market focus. The recruiters on my team enjoyed and gained good information from the series that either confirmed what they do is on the right track or, gave them new ways to more effectively approach their activities that has enhanced their abilities.

Having spent half my recruiting and search career in the U.S and now the second-half in Continental Europe, I can attest that the methods Jeff Kaye discusses are just as applicable outside the U.S. and in some cases are even more effective in the International market.”

– Michael Mayher, CSM, Managing Partner
MRI Worldwide Prague, Czech Republic

“After seeing Jeff at the Malaga conference we invested in the DVD series. He brings energy, pace and a healthy dose of realism and real live scenarios to the training room. Jeff’s client and candidate series DVDs are the highlight of our morning meeting training sessions on Wednesdays, delivered in bite sized chunks that are not overwhelming, with back up workbooks to aid learning and retention and are easy to facilitate. Content is superb – logical, relevant and his dialogue examples have been instrumental in aiding my team develop their own recruiting styles. The snippets from real live recruiters give additional great perspectives and are inspirational. Whether you are a rookie or tenured recruiter I recommend them. As an international office, its great to be able to take the very best of “US style recruiting” and weave it into our international space.”

– Debby Lloyd, Director

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