Non-NLE Subscriber – Client Focused Engaged/Retained Search with Karen Schmidt




“Since the program:

  • I’ve signed a client on to a monthly retainer that runs through the end of year and likely next
  • I’ve won a $20K retainer
  • I’ve won a $30K retainer
  • I am waiting on finalizing an $80K retainer and another $30K retainer

 Your methods work. So grateful, thank you.”Jeff Raymond, CEO: Raymond Search Group


  • NLE Subscribers Option 1: $795/Student (course only; no personal coaching) – email [email protected] to purchase as a NLE subscriber
  • NLE Subscribers Option 2: $995/Student (includes one 30-minute personalized coaching call at the conclusion of the class) – email [email protected] to purchase as a NLE subscriber
  • Non-NLE Subscribers: $1,395/Student (includes access to select NLE TV Episodes for duration of course only; individual coaching additional cost) – use the shopping cart above

There is NOT GOING TO BE A BETTER TIME to invest in your development or that of your team.

Recruiters want COMMITTED CLIENTS and HIGHER FEES – and that’s exactly what they are going to get from NLE’s 6-week Distance-Based Mastery Course. 

Walk away with:

  • Your VIP List of 100 key target clients along with an action plan of what to say, when to say it, and how to stay in the right place at the right time
  • An opening script for your client development calls that would grab even Mark Cuban’s attention if you were to go on Shark Tank
  • An understanding of your metrics that actually matter to the client (it’s not what you think!)
  • How to transition clients from contingent to financially committed terms when they have already been receiving great service from you for years
  • Collateral material to share with clients
  • Actual scripts you will use to transition existing clients, secure engaged searches, and secure multi-position retained agreements

Class Schedule (all times are 12-1p Central):

October 27 – Defining your own Market Mastery, identifying KEY target accounts, and creating a POWERFUL marketing introduction
Nov 3 –
Effective questioning and CRITICAL SCENARIO ROLE PLAY #1
Nov 10 –
Defining your Top 5 SELLING POINTS, Critical Scenarios Role Play #2-3, and crafting your PROFESSIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS
Nov 17 –
Critical Scenario Role Play #4, essential closing techniques, and securing ANNUALIZED AGREEMENTS
Dec 1 –
Managing RESISTANCE to Dedicated Search and ROLE PLAY client responses
Dec 8 –
Engaging in PERPETUAL Business Development and of course EVEN MORE ROLE PLAY!

Each Session is LIVE via GoToWebinar
(Recordings of each session will be available for 30 days after the event)

NLE Subscribers Option 1: $795/Student (course only; no personal coaching)

NLE Subscribers Option 2: $995/Student (includes one 30-minute personalized coaching call at the conclusion of the class)

Non-NLE Subscribers: $1,395/Student (includes access to select NLE TV Episodes for duration of course only; individual coaching additional cost)

To sign up, email [email protected] with student name, email, and desired option above.

BE WARNED: There is approximately 60 minutes of additional material to review each week on NLE and homework that takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. This course is not appropriate for someone not yet making client development calls on a consistent basis, or who is brand new to the recruiting industry.


This class was very valuable to my firm; we were able to apply many of the techniques suggested immediately and most importantly, my team members are now walking away from contingent searches that have been open a long time and those they are not exclusive or retained on.  Not only did we immediately change the terms of all of the services we offer, but I am seeing a shift in the way my team negotiates their contracts. We are setting expectations with our clients in a way that serves the best interests of both parties.  I utilized some of the tips I learned during the course, along with the personal coaching from Karen, to negotiate a 2-year retained contract with a rapidly growing startup just weeks after the course wrapped.  Measuring both short-term and long-term successes from this course is the confirmation that this was worth the investment! – Deanna O’Connell, President: Red Kite Recruiting

I enrolled my entire senior recruitment team in the Client Focused Search course and it was one of the best decisions ever made for the health of my team. They walked away each week both excited to apply what they had learned and invested in the growth of our entire office. Having the team at Next Level push and challenge my crew was like a breath of fresh air for them and for me. Following the course, we have continued the role playing and ongoing development on a weekly basis – so it gave us the foundation we needed to endure the momentum long after the course concluded. This is absolutely an investment worth making in the future of your team. – Chris Fackler, President: Ringside Search

One of our lead business development team members enrolled in the Client Focused Search training session. The goal for him was to increase his competency in pitching retained/engaged search business, and I’m happy to report that the class has absolutely delivered. Before he even finished the course, he had already pitched multiple pieces of business. He has a renewed enthusiasm and confidence in client development, which have already paid off in higher fees and increased client engagements. It’s not a “sit and listen” course. It’s for people who are serious about upping their game, and who are willing to do the work in exchange for awesome results. – David Hayes, President: HireMinds

For anyone looking to jump start their market mastery, this course is for them! Throughout the course I was consistently challenged to evaluate how hiring managers perceive me in the marketplace. Through role plays, videos, and presentations I was given feedback and suggestions of how to make my presentation differentiate yourself from other recruiters in my space – it was truly invaluable! – Search Consultant, The Birmingham Group

This course is referred to as a “Master’s Level Program” and I could not agree more. I have been in search for over 20 years, yet learned so much and have a much sharper saw as a result of investing the time to go through this course. – Peg Newman, Partner: The Newman Group

This course was by far the most valuable training I’ve had since becoming a recruiter. – Senior Search Consultant, ThinkingAhead Executive Search

The course enabled me to see things more clearly from my client’s perspective and value of scripting many key conversations. These sessions are a giant leap forward! – Charlie Kasch, Owner: Western Global Partners

This course provides a direct and valuable indispensable instruction for vets and rookies! You get to put serious thought into some basics, role play real-life scenarios, and pick the instructor’s brains about anything we want! – Mark Phillips, President: HireEducation, Inc.

This course was fantastic and highly recommended for anyone wanting to take their business development to a new level within the retained space. The course is not only full of every strategy you can think of, but it is also given in a format where I could hear how other successful recruiters where putting these practices into place. This was not only motivating but also impactful in terms of deepening my understanding of each topic. A definite game changer! – Yosef Colish, President: Leah Yosef International, Inc.

This course, it’s content, and the guidance of the instructors provides a substantial opportunity for any Recruiter to see the Client Development process and the hidden assumptions we face as recruiters in a very clear light. My own experience is that it brought many of the “Professional Selling” approaches I’ve read about independently sharply into focus in the recruiting space, which was great fun. – Senior Recruiter: Energy Search Associates

I am a firm believer in always being able to learn something new regardless of where you are in your career or how much experience you have. It’s all about being relevant and in tune to the current and ongoing changes in your industry. This is what this NLE course provided. Pushing you outside of your comfort zone and truly thinking about client – firm interaction from a different perspective. The NLE program and it’s associated products and training tools continue to be the best I have ever seen and as far as I am concerned the best in the business. – Division Director: Accountability Resources

I took this training course with the hopes of moving my contingency desk from 90% contingency to more of a 50/50 retained/contingency split. This course exceeded my expectations and I feel better prepared to move my desk to 80% financial committed 20% contingency. The tools are invaluable to this move and I look forward to 2017. – Derek Cornwall, Managing Director: Permanent Solutions Group

While there were numerous valuable takeaways from the training, the big one for me was the concept of “professional recommendation”. Starting with asking good questions to help clients talk about and understand what has not worked in the past and what they truly want/need, and then based off of those needs, presenting a “professional recommendation” that is alignment with what we discussed. This client-focused, needs-based approach is a game changer that opens the door to more financially committed conversations. Thank you for the great information. – Mark Stocker, President: MetalJobs Network

I feel so fortunate to have participated in this class! I am an experienced recruiter and this gave me high level verbiage and live training and role playing to take my practice to the next level from 90/10 contingent/engaged to my goal of a higher percentage of engaged work. This class is perfect for an advanced and experienced recruiter and is also something to introduce a sharp rookie to who wants to polish and hone their marketing skills. In the past 6 weeks, I have already seen a return on the investment of my time using the verbiage and skills I picked up in the first few weeks of the class! Each week’s class was like having a personal trainer push you in the gym, coaching you, encouraging you and giving you great tips to improve your game that you can put to use immediately. – Juli Smith, President: Smith Consulting Group