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SEPTEMBER’S TOPIC: How the Hiring Game has Changed with Karen Schmidt

A recent article penned for Inc by Suzanne Lucas made the bold statement: “Dear Hiring Manager, Perhaps You Should Write the Thank You Note.” She continues: “The traditional thank you note is from candidate to hiring manager. That’s wrong… Just what are you exactly thanking the manager for? Taking the time to talk with you and consider your application for the job, right? But, what were you really doing? You were taking your time out of your day (and often using vacation time from your current job to do so) to try and solve a problem for the hiring manager.”

At first glance, most would read statements and think “thank goodness this wasn’t a candidate I interviewed; seems quite entitled.” However inverted of a perspective this author seems to hold from standard interviewing protocol, there is an underlying message communicated by her article.

It may be time to evaluate your hiring process through a new lens. 

If we assume it is the candidate’s responsibility to pen the thank-you note, doesn’t that inherently mean that we also assume it’s the candidate’s responsibility to be thankful for being granted an interview to begin with?

You may have this mindset and not even realize you have it.  A few questions to consider:

  • How much time do you expect a candidate to prepare for the interview with you?  How much time do you spend preparing for that same interview?
  • You likely have asked the question “so why should we hire you” without batting an eye – how receptive are you when a candidate questions “why should I come to work here?”
  • Checking candidate references from past employers is a probable interviewing step; candidates volunteer these regularly. What would your reaction be if a candidate asked to check references from recruiters who had worked under your supervision in the past but were no longer with the firm?

These are just a few scenarios to help challenge your paradigm. The hiring game has changed within the search and staffing industry; join Karen Schmidt as she discusses how to most effectively identify, attract, and ultimately hire the next generation of new recruiters within your firm.

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Thursday, September 10th, 12p Central – the recording will be sent out if you can’t attend live.


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