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Charting your Course

Evolution is a process, not an event. For those who want to continue their evolution for the month to come, we have created a private workshop for search firm owners who want to continue to navigate these seas together. This content is not general best practices that have been shared before; all material is delivered by the subject matter expert on our team responsible for leading each of these areas. Content is being created and will continue to be created up until the final moments before each webinar, in order to reflect the most current recommendations and approaches relevant in that moment.

Our Executive Leadership Team boasts a combined 275 years and average almost 25 years of experience in the recruiting industry, elevating search firms to their true potential. We share that for no other reason than to give you comfort in the crew you are enlisting. We’ve been preparing our whole careers for this moment, and so have you – and remember that we are in this boat together. Row when you can, rest when you need, and rely on each other to not only survive, but to thrive.

All calls are at 1pm Central:

  • March 31: Keeping Up With and Staying Ahead of Tools/Technology: Brian Denton, Director of IT; 12 years experience
  • April 2: Performance Management of a Remote Recruiting Team: Karen Schmidt, President; 19 years experience
  • April 7: Fiscal Responsibility and Legal Recommendations: Nick Turner, Co-CEO; 21 years experience
  • April 9: Marketing Communications Must-Do’s: Darren McDougal, Managing Partner; 32 years experience
  • April 14: Leadership, Communications and Cultural Necessities: Jeff Kaye, Co-CEO; 31 years experience
  • April 16: Training in Times of Change: Erin Bent, Managing Partner; 16 years experience
  • April 21: Maintaining a Holistic Mind, Body and Business: Christine Geiger, Managing Partner; 31 years experience
  • April 23: Perfecting your Placement Process and Forms: Greg Doershing, President NLE Coaching: 26 years experience
  • April 28: The Coaching Connection: Rob Mosley, Managing Partner: 35 years experience
  • April 30: Learning Lessons from 35 Years in the Trenches: Lil Roy Vaughn, Senior Advisor: 35 years experience