Objections: There’s Nothing to Overcome with Rob Mosley


Tuesday, April 21st, @ 11:00 CST with Rob Mosley



Objections: There’s Nothing to Overcome!

A Fresh Approach in Responding to Resistance

Historically, salespeople have referred to client and candidate resistance as ‘overcoming objections.’  This language sets the stage for the wrong type of relationship.  No one wants to be ‘overcome.’  People do, however, want to be listened to and responded to in a real and authentic fashion.  Resistance is a normal part of making business decisions and the approach you take in responding will differentiate you from other recruiters in the marketplace.

Every time a candidate or client has resistance of any form, it is your moment to build a bridge of trust and value in the relationship. This is exactly why resistance is a necessary and even essential part of the sales process and should not necessarily be viewed as an obstacle; it should however, be viewed as an opportunity to influence, inform, and guide our candidates and clients when they have an incomplete or inaccurate perception about us or our services.


This dynamic and interactive sales consulting program includes the following:

  • Explore the most common types of resistance early in both client and candidate relationships
  • Challenge your Paradigm about Resistance: It is always an Opportunity to build a Bridge of Trust
  • Guide the Dialogue and Respond More Effectively to Initial Candidate / Client Resistance
  • Engage The Three Types Of Listening to Resistance: Active, Empathic And Strategic
  • Probe Beyond The Obvious to better understand what is behind the Resistance
  • Recommend The Most Effective next steps from your complete understanding of their Resistance


About Acclivus          

This program is in collaboration with the Acclivus Corporation, an international performance development company. The Acclivus R3 Sales curriculum has been delivered in 88 countries and in 14 languages. The world’s leading organizations, including those in Search and Staffing, leverage it as both a strategic sales tool as well as a framework for any type of consultative selling.



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