The Runaround Dilemma with Rob Mosley


Tuesday, September 13th at 2PM CST with Rob Mosley



The Runaround Dilemma: What Are Your Priorities Now?

Join us on September 13, 2022 at 2:00 PM CST.

For most everyone, there are always more tasks to do than time and attention available. Both our personal and professional lives require constant juggling of the many “have-to-dos” which are non- negotiable and the “want-to-dos” which are always challenging to fit in. Most organizations now provide fewer people and asking them to do more with less resources and preferably in less time. Add to that the surge of new technology that creates an expectation of immediacy to everything we do.

Today’s world requires a better lens for prioritizing what is urgent and what is important. The Priority Matrix is the tool we leverage to help us be more efficient and effective with both our priorities and others. The Purpose of the Priority Matrix is to avoid organizational attention deficit disorder that is common in almost every workplace and can include attention shortage, compulsive multitasking, information overwhelm, reactive thinking, and a lack of specific focus on your most important priorities for 2022!

This dynamic and interactive Time and Attention program includes the following:

    • Understand why the Runaround Dilemma is so prevalent and such an easy trap to fall in
    • Explore what is Urgent and Important in your life with The Priority Matrix
    • Learn about the challenges of falling into the Quadrant of Deception
    • Develop a better plan to keep your world in the Quadrant of Effectiveness
    • Challenge Your Paradigm about the Value of Time vs. Return on Investment

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