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The Next Level Selection (NLS) team assists managers in their talent selection, allowing them to focus on core tasks or maintain a high level of personal production, while hiring and growing their team with the right recruiters. NLS will help you understand which role is best for you to hire, create an attraction-based posting for job boards of your choosing and present you with candidates that have the potential to be the next big biller on your team. NLS will comb through initial responses for those who fit the search specifications, then conduct an initial phone screen with candidates. Viable prospects will be presented with a complete behavioral profile, audio recording by the candidate, and resume.

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Product Description

Initial Search Assignment Call

This initial conversation will serve to diagnose the immediate and future needs of your growing practice. In our initial call, we conduct a thorough exploration of the desired background and behavioral traits of prospective candidates including experience, education, skills, personality, expectations, roles, and responsibilities.

Weekly Status Updates and Coaching

Weekly status updates are provided by the NLS team to help provide you with numbers, statistics and analytics to diagnose what is and isn’t working in your search parameters and proactively figure out alternatives to secure the right talent for your team.

Presentation of Candidates

NLS will present you with pre-qualified candidates that eliminate producers coming off of their desk to screen hundreds of unqualified resumes.  Presentations include a detailed summary of the candidate that focuses on your core areas of interest, a voicemail left from the candidate stating why and how they would be successful in this role with your office, their current resume and a behavioral profile. The NLS team can also act as a resource to coach you on the most desirable qualities and profiles managers should look for in their next hire.


The cost per NLS search for a one-month campaign is $5,000.  The cost of a two-month campaign is $8,000. The NLS search process does not guarantee a hire nor is there an additional cost per hire made. This cost includes 10 behavioral profiles per search.


Position will be posted for 30 days on Monster, CareerBuilder, Zip Recruiter, and up to 5 free college job boards. Client can add additional sites at Client’s sole expense, and NLS will be responsible for filtering and screening responses.


Please Note: The success of our search is based on the success of the responses to the postings we jointly create. This is not a direct recruiting effort and a hire is not guaranteed; please keep this in mind when initiating your search.

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Length of Campaign

1 Month Campaign, 2 Month Campaign