Best Practices – Global Perspective

Next Level Exchange’s website membership covers Foundation Training, Just-in-Time Training, and Ongoing Training.  Broken down into 20-minute segments, the completely cohesive Foundation Training Program is any Owner’s solution to quickly ramping up new hires while still maintaining a high level of personal production. This covers each step of the Placement Process in easy to process bites, complete with quizzes at each step.

shutterstock_421721725-jpg-600x600For Just-in-Time Training, the Next Level Library is the perfect online portal for recruiting professionals, no matter your tenure, niche, or nationality.  Rookies can examine scripts for new marketing approaches, or revamp their current voicemails and emails from our library.  Veterans can listen to recorded calls from other recruiters to freshen up their approach and get exposure to new forms and templates that may streamline your old processes.

For Ongoing Training, Owners can choose from over dozens of streaming NLE TV Episodes, and utilize the Facilitation Guides for morning recruiting training meetings to provide new and revived content for your team; with a Guide for each week of the month, this serves as an immediate recruiter training curriculum for any office.

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