The 20 Module Foundation Training Series is a cohesive program broken down into 20-minute segments, complete with quizzes and workbooks for associates and owners. This program covers each step of the placement process in easy-to-understand steps, and is any owner’s solution to quickly improving the skills of new or existing recruiters while still maintaining a high level of personal production. Watch this 6-minute Foundation Training introduction video, then choose a module from the menu below to get started.

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53 minutes
Chapter 1:  Defining your Niche20 minutes
Chapter 2:  Search Process Overview27 minutes
Chapter 3:  Search Industry Overview6 minutes
Module 2:  Planning and Executing                           
62 minutes
Chapter 1:  Creating your Annual Plan22 minutes
Chapter 2:  Creating your Daily Plan14 minutes
Chapter 3:  Executing your Daily Plan26 minutes
Module 3:  Approaches to Marketing                    63 minutes
Chapter 1:  Crafting your Introduction26 minutes
Chapter 2:  “MPC” Approach22 minutes
Chapter 3:  “Self as MPC” and “Flip the Call”15 minutes
Module 4:  Executing the Marketing Call          23 minutes
Chapter 1:  Executing the Call23 minutes
Module 5:  Responding to Marketing Resistance            53 minutes
Chapter 1:  The LACES Model23 minutes
Chapter 2:  Top 5 Objections/Rebuttals30 minutes
Module 6:  Solid Search Assignments                          72 minutes
Chapter 1:  Prioritizing Search Assignments19 minutes
Chapter 2:  Qualifying a Search Assignment23 minutes
Chapter 3:  Taking a Solid Search Assignment30 minutes
Module 7:  Service Charges and Service Charge Resistance66 minutes
Chapter 1:  Types of Service Charges25 minutes
Chapter 2:  Presenting your Professional Recommendation18 minutes
Chapter 3:  Top Service Charge Objections/Rebuttals25 minutes
Module 8:  Critical Contractual Elements              27 minutes
Chapter 1:  Critical Contractual Elements27 minutes
Module 9:  Approaches to Recruiting               88 minutes
Chapter 1:  Crafting your Introduction29 minutes
Chapter 2:  Types of Recruiting Presentations20 minutes
Chapter 3:  Crafting your Recruiting Presentation39 minutes
Module 10:  Responding to Recruiting Resistance    69 minutes
Chapter 1:  The LACES Model33 minutes
Chapter 2:  Top 5 Recruiting Objections/Rebuttals36 minutes
Module 11:  Extending the Call84 minutes
Chapter 1:  Executing the Call23 minutes
Chapter 2:  Name Gathering43 minutes
Chapter 3:  Extending the Call18 minutes
Module 12:  Solid Candidate Data Sheets97 minutes
Chapter 1:  Solid Candidate Data Sheets30 minutes
Chapter 2:  Seven Modules of a Solid CDS35 minutes
Chapter 3:  Red Flags and Next Steps32 minutes
Module 13:  Matching and Presenting55 minutes
Chapter 1:  Matching Candidates18 minutes
Chapter 2:  Presenting Candidates37 minutes
Module 14:  Candidate and Client Interview Prep66 minutes
Chapter 1:  Candidate Interview Prep: Part 129 minutes
Chapter 2:  Candidate Interview Prep: Part 224 minutes
Chapter 3:  Client Interview Prep13 minutes
Module 15:  Candidate and Client Interview Debrief40 minutes
Chapter 1:  Candidate Interview Debrief17 minutes
Chapter 2:  Client Interview Debrief23 minutes
Module 16:  Pre-Closing and Qualifying107 minutes
Chapter 1:  Closing Techniques: Part 125 minutes
Chapter 2:  Closing Techniques: Part 238 minutes
Chapter 3:  Pre-Closing and Qualifying45 minutes
Module 17:  Reference Checking52 minutes
Chapter 1:  Condensed Reference Checks24 minutes
Chapter 2:  Complete Reference Checks28 minutes
Module 18:  Completion: Offer, Acceptance, Resignation and Transition104 minutes
Chapter 1:  Offer and Acceptance, Part 133 minutes
Chapter 2:  Offer and Acceptance, Part 227 minutes
Chapter 3:  Resignation and Transition44 minutes
Module 19:  Top Tips for Success74 minutes
Chapter 1:  Top 10 Tactical Tips30 minutes
Chapter 2:  Top 10 Mental Tips44 minutes
Module 20:  Recruiting and the Law58 minutes
Chapter 1:  Laws Pertaining to Discrimination25 minutes
Chapter 2:  Reference Checking and Fair Credit Reporting Act17 minutes
Chapter 3:  Contracts, Staffing Issues, and Benefits
16 minutes


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