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The Next Level Library takes the entire lifecycle of the search process and breaks it down piece by piece – from planning, to sourcing, to marketing and the placement process, to personal development.  Today, our Premium Members have access to our first release – our “Client Development” section.  Already released in this section are “Approaches to Marketing”, “Marketing Objections and Rebuttals”, and “Search Assignments”.  We deliver over 10 types of marketing approaches, from the more common MPC approach all the way to using an acquisition opportunity to open to door for new client development.

shutterstock_173451446-jpg-600x401Under each specific approach, we have compiled numerous scripts, forms, emails, articles, video clips, and even actual recorded phone calls for your review.   Additionally, the Top 21 Marketing Objections are explored, with up to seven unique rebuttals to each individual objection.  In our “Search Assignments” section, you will find 100 in-depth questions categorized by objective, scripts for transitional dialogue, forms, client email templates, and articles relating to prioritizing and ensuring solid search assignments.

In time, the NLE Library will cover all facets of the search process, and will consistently be updated with innovative, relevant, and timely new material.  Our collection comes from trainers and Big Billers from around the globe, who specialize in many different types of industries and have a variety of personal styles – allowing us to share numerous approaches instead of just hoping that ‘one size fits all’.  Search through articles and tips provided by additional industry trainers like Jon Bartos, Doug Beabout, Paul Hawkinson, Neil Lebovits, Terry Petra, Frank Risalvato, and Gary Stauble.

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